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the world's largest single reference site on orchid species, how to grow, where they are found, what they are called, when they bloom
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A year has gone by since the subscription system was started and I must say it has been great. I was able to get all the books and publications that I needed. For some of you your 1 year subscription is or has run out. Check subscribers list to see where you stand. I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks to all for making this so much easier! The subscription system of $10 per year has been a great idea and it has helped quite a bit as I have been able to obtain a lot of new books and reference material. New references though are now becoming available and I need to have more funds to purchase them. I only use any income from this site to purchase books or pay internet costs. Not a penny goes into my pocket. If you want to keep this site with the most up to date references then please send in your subscription!!! Today is the day! We need your help! All you in other countries than the US please help as well. You are about two-thirds of the users but send in only 5% of the total subscriptions. Please send a check or international money order to

IOSPE Subscribers List - 303! of you have subscribed - come on now - don't delay send in the subscription now - it is only $10
If you want to become a subscriber to IOPSE please send to Paypal c/o

Commercial use is the fastest way for this page and international effort to unravel. Please be thoughtful and do not copy!!!!!!!!

This site is compiled from photos collected from growers or photo collectors around the world and I rely on them to try to be sure of their identification. As we all know, however, many plants are mislabeled and growers and collectors can't know all species in every genera, so please be advised that to the best of out knowledge the following ID's are correct. Many species herewith have been scrutinized by taxonomic experts and will be correct, but this may not be true of all the species described. If you have any questions as to the veracity of any species described in this encyclopedia please e-mail me Jay Pfahl at and we will work at correcting the mistake. As to the text it is compiled by culling notes from hundreds of books and publications [See Bibliography and source books] but it too can be wrong in part due to my mistake or in the often conflicting reports on various orchids.
If you have been holding out on sending your orchid species photos now is the time to act. The new goal is 9000 [8000 passed on 4/1/08] species as I topped 7000 on July 25 2007
Taxonomic Organization of Species, varieties and formas All varieties, formas, subspecies and the like are listed under the parent species, ie. all information and photos for Stanhopea eburnea var. grandiflora (Lindley) Regel 1856 will be found under the link for Stanhopea grandiflora [Lodd]Lindley
IF you do not find a species listed that you know is a species most likely I do not have a photo of it and therefore it is not listed. This is a photo encyclopedia not an orchid list of all plant names although I am trying to get there.
American Orchid Society Review "Orchids" 9/99
Page 2 of review
We have just gotten a rave review in Orchids Australia Feb. 2000, the Australian Orchid Society magazine!

Cool =1800 to 2500 Meters, 58`F to 66`F night average
Warm =1000 meters to 1800 meters, 66`F to 75`F night average - -
Hot = Sea Level to 1000 Meters, 75`F to 85`F

Spring = Summer = Fall = Winter =
SIZE: Miniature - under 6" tall leaf and pseudobulb Small - under 12" tall leaf and pseudobulb Medium - under 24" tall Large - under 48" tall Giant - Over 48" tall
! denotes Type Species of the genus
* denotes the basionym or original name with the same species taxon
` denotes that the information is complete for the genus
Below are orchid species listed alphabetically, you can go from species to species by scrolling to the top or bottom of any page to find another alphabet bar such as this one below. All names are listed alphabetically including synonyms , so if you see your plant name without a link, there will be a reference there to procede to the name that is on the list with a link to the picture as well as cultural information for your species.
These lists have been compiled from many sources, most of which are listed in the bibliography, but the spelling and taxonomic listings are largely backed up by the Missouri Botanical Gardens W3Tropicos Database unless there is a question mark after the species name or if there is no discoverer's name.

"You can receive your own beautiful orchid with flower delivery straight to your door."
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I am now accepting species photos from you, the public, to include in this page. Let's build a major resource site for orchids,
I now have 12,204 species in 798 genera and it is growing every day with your help. It's easy, just attach a scanned jpeg photo to an E-mail message to me Jay Pfahl. Special thanks to David Banks of Australia, Dr. Rudolph Jenny, Peter O'Byrne, Andr Schuiteman, Dr. E.F. de Vogel, Jaap Vermeulen, Rick Barry, Dr. Guido Braeme, Rene Dishong, Dr Leslie Garay, Vena Read, Charles Lamb, Donald Tan of Malaysia, Joseph Dougherty, Dalton Holland Baptista, Rick Cirino; Prem Subrahmanyam, ROMAN MARUSKA Czech Republic, Michael Coronado, Alejandro Taborda, Greg Butler and Oak Hill Gardens, Bill Bergstrom and Bergstrom Orchids, Donna Nash, Oliver Lenhard, D. E Vermeullen, Americo Docha Neto, Richard Korber, Carl Withner, Mark Nir, Eric Christensen, Dave Alford, Igor Zhuravlev, Tony Watkinson, David Hunt, Jean Marie Vanderwinden, Glen Ladnier, Jeffrey W. Tucker, Jorge Alejandro Paulete Scaglia, Scott McGregor, Wilella Stimmell, Eric Thiessen, Geert Volckaert, George and Kathy Norris, David Alford, Eric Hunt, Peter O'Byrne, Allen Black, Helen Milner, Al Pickrel, Greg Riemer, Marcia Whitmore, Phillipe Musschoot, Wilford Neptune, Jean-Claude.George, Tony Walsh, Greg and Kerri Steenbeeke and their Orkology Kreations Website, Jim Hamilton, Robert Fuchs and RF Orchids, Gene Monier and JEM Orchids, Jerry Bolce, Andy's Orchids, Stephen Jones, First Ray Orchids, Robert Weyman Bussey, JEM Orchids, Carlos Hajek and his Peruvian Orchid Page, Bill Morden, David Morris, Noble Bashor, Patricia Harding, Craig Cooper, Rocky Giovinazzo, David Friedman, Bill Pinnix, Troy C. Meyers, Linda's Orchid Page, Pierre-Alain Darlet*, Guy Cantor, Tropical Orchid Farm in Maui, H&R Nursuries, Lois Greer, Ichiro "Haru" Ohsaka and his Bulbophyllum Page, Mauro Rosim from Brazil, A World Of Orchids, Bruce Norris of Canada, Nick Doe, Neville De La Rue, Nelson Barbosa Machado Neto, Jeff Aguillon, Dale and Deni Borders, Eka Mulja Tjipta, Rick Barry, Manfred Schmucker, Uri Baruk, Mike and Candy Joehrendt, Dan and Marla Nikirk, Walter Orchard, Christer CarlsonGuillerrmo Angulo, M. Max, Paula Vagner, Tennis Maynard, Greg Allikas, Malcolm Thomas, David Morris, Jacques Deschenes, Lourens Grobler; nni Judd and David Janvrin* for their photo and text contributions.
Happy Anniversary!!!!! This page is now 12 years old and 100's of times bigger than when it started, thanks to all for their help. We have been visited by people from more than 205 countries, so this is truely an international site. I was surprised to see someone from The Occupied Palestinian terretories come up as a visitor this month.
Congratulations!!!!!You are one of more than 1,386,000 visitors, 175,002 of them unique users, this page has seen. Come back often and happy growing!!!!!!

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Cool growing Colombian Orchids - Photos of Orchids in situ near Bogota' Colombia - #1 Epidendrum sp., #2 Epidendrum polystachyum",#2 Epidendrum polystachyum young plant,#3 Epidendrum excisum in flower, Epidendrum excisum Same plant,#4 Epidendrum secundum., Maxillaria sp., Pleurothallis sp.and Odontoglossum lindenii ,Odontoglossum ramulosum, Odontoglossum ramulosum flowercloseup
Almost all of the preceding orchids were found near these two landscape shots, # 1 shows the cleared forests which has grown back with pine in the background and the original scrub forest with rock outcroppings in the foreground. The orchid not blooming is a Masdevallia, the bloom spike I do not think is from an orchid. Anyone? #2 Shows the stunted bushes that grow amid rock outcroppings on a hill on the sides of the savannah of Bogata'.
If anyone has any idea as to the identity of any of the previous orchids please e-mail me at:Jay Pfahl

Just Click on the Subject Below and the Section of the page will appear.

Create your own visited map of The World or Like this? try: Google Chat Bot

Here are four trips to Colombia 2004 2005 5/2006/ 12/2006. Let's Go!

I have finally found the time to assemble the Brazil page. A great vacation. Tudo Bem!! Come on an Orchid Safari with Marcos Campacci, Dalton Holland Baptista and Americo Docha Neto
There are lots of orchid photos. I spent 16 days in country and managed to visit Sao Paulo state beaches, littoral plain and littoral mountains as well as the Mantiquera Mountains and up to Diamantina in North Minas Gerais all by car with an orchid expert, Marcos Campacchi. The name may ring a bell as he is the describer of many new Brazilian orchid species such as Cattleya tenuis. He is also the editor of Boletim CAOB and Brasil Orqueideas, 2 major orchid publications in Brazil.

I have finally found the time to assemble the Kenya page. A great vacation. Jambo!!!Come along on a SAFARI with me!!!
There are lots of animal, bird and orchid photos. We spent 16 days in country and managed to visit 5 National Parks, Samburu [Mid north], Lake Nakuru [Central], Lake Naivasha [Central], Masa Mara [South west]and East Tsavo [South east}. There is a hot air Balloon ride, 10 days of animal safari and 2 days of tribal visits, one, the Samburu to the north west and, two, the Masai to the southwest. A once in a lifetime experience for myself and my family. Please write and give me your comments!

Check out the new Costa Rica Page, I did a 15 day orchid trip to the jungle, see the orchids there now Take Me To Costa Rica

1888 A great place to get gift plants - great quality and fast service - send a blooming orchid to a friend!
Abundiflora Mexican PlantsHomepage of Weyman Bussey
Flora Of Zimbabwe WebSite Bart Wursten Has done an excellent job with his Flora of Zimbabwe Site. Much more than orchids, check it out. Excellent!
Other Orchid Sites A great site to link up to all other orchid sites, includes vendors, societies, universities, and book sites.
Orchid Mall Like above a location to find many orchid web sites.
Orchids Australia The Australian Orchid Society Page
W3 Tropicos Everwonder where I got all the taxonomic info for these pages, this is it, run by the Missouri Botanical garden this not only list almost all orchid names it also has almost every name for all plants. Lots of text info, very few pictures
Orchid Guide Digest This is the best orchid forum, subscribe here

Neptune Designs Inc.
Come see how I afford to keep this page alive, you too can help!
Neptune Designs is celebrating it's 27th year here in tropical Key West making quality jewelry with nature in mind. We specialize in 14 karat orchid flower and coin jewelry but manufacture all kinds of 14 Karat gold and gemstone jewelry.
Neptune Designs Internet Catalog
Newly worked on 4/26/ 03 Now functioning and new things.
Please give us your comments as to the workings of this home page, we have hopes of creating a site that will have photos of every genera and possibly cultural tips as well. E-Mail: Jay Pfahl c/o Neptune Designs.


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