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Traveling unrolls the skein of information. While traveling, we realize many things about the world that we belong to.
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Hospital Costs – Who pays?
When you are overseas and need to receive medical treatment at a doctor or hospital your travel insurance doesn’t always pay upfront. Quite often you’ll need lodge a claim when you get home. Before seeing a doctor, or as soon as you can if it’s an emergency, call the insurance company and tell them what is happening. They’ll be able to tell you if they have preferred medical providers and what you need to do to claim the costs back.
Ideally the insurance company will pay for your hospital or doctors costs upfront as this saves you from putting the costs on your credit card or trying to organise more money from home, especially if it’s an expensive accident.
International Emergency Assistance – Who to call?
All travel insurance companies have a process for notifying them in case of emergency events and how to handle them. Always look for a policy that offers local phone numbers that you can call in a large number of countries. This will make it simple to contact them if you encounter problems. Reverse charge numbers don’t work in all countries so should be avoided if you are travelling anywhere slightly off the beaten track. Phoning back to your own country can end up being very expensive depending where you are.
Always ensure you have the emergency assistance contact information handy at all times while travelling and keep an additional copy in your baggage and in an online storage or email account.

A low excess is very useful for comprehensive travel insurance because it allows you to claim on more low cost items. Many policies offer an excess buyout for a fee (reduces the excess to $0). This is often a very good idea as it means that you are able to claim for anything that you are able to and will get the total amount back. If you are going for a budget or medical only travel insurance policy the excess may be of less importance as you will likely only claim for high cost events where the excess is just a small percentage of the total amount.
Sports and adventure activity coverage
Certain adventurous sports are automatically covered by travel insurance companies, these are usually low risk sports or activities such as hiking, snorkeling, and water skiing. Higher risk sports like scuba diving, bungee jumping, and mountain biking may be covered for an extra fee but some companies do cover these normally. You should check directly with the insurance company if you are considering these sports.

Many of us have certain medical conditions that could potentially cause problems when on holiday. Conditions like asthma, arthritis, allergies. Sometimes these will be covered by the insurance policy, other times they will not and some with stop you from getting the travel insurance policy. These are detailed in the PDS and you will need to contact the travel insurance company directly if you have any concerns due to these medical conditions.
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On this planet of free enterprise and act, when the days become too repetitive to manage with the hectic world, the human mind tries to flee away from it. In these conditions traveling becomes a yearning: It gives the mind tranquility and gives them physical exercise and also a motivation to start again with a fresh strength of mind. Below are some benefits and fine reasons for traveling.
Traveling unrolls the skein of information. While traveling, we realize many things about the world that we belong to. For example, a tourist from a first world country would never be aware of the love story between Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaj, or that he built a whole palace just for her. So, when he visits India, he can learn about that story or maybe even obtain some instructions on how to ride a camel while riding through the unexplained and mysterious lands. Life is an endless journey of learning and adventure. Traveling also helps us to widen our view. By observing new society, tradition and people of various countries we can vary our opinion which will undoubtedly aid us in changing expressively for the best. Visiting a victim of war country helps us in understanding the dark side of it, for example. While traveling, we also understand other cultures, people and languages. We can discover the traditions and cultures of the African natives, their fascinating dialects, habits related to eating, dances and musical instruments, dresses and so on which is really far away from our western realism. For weekend traveling, people prefer short distances. Usually, nearby places in the neighborhood are the main targets of this short distance traveling. You can give your family some quality time while traveling with them and find new friends too. Nowadays we have little time to interact with our family members, due to our businesses. To be fit mentally as well as physically, we must travel. Some physicians urge us to have therapeutical treatments. Instead of this treatment we can even visit natural places which will makes us healthy too. That is why old people tend to travel after they have retired.
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Do you want to feel the sun and the wind on your face? Are you a bit of an adrenaline junkie? Are you looking for something new, different and exciting for your next holiday? If you answered yes to any of these, an adventure holiday might be for you. An adventure holiday is a terrific way to spend your holiday if you’re looking for something that differs from the typical norm of beach holidays and tourist traps. An adventure holiday may get you away from the stressors of your everyday life, and drop you right into heart pounding thrills, with fresh air and nature right at your fingertips.
Adventure holidays are not just for wild young people. Older singles, couples, and also families all could have the vacation of their lives with an adventure holiday. You might go windsurfing at dawn, kitesurfing in the afternoon, and take a romantic walk on the beach at night. The next day can be spent trekking through the wilderness getting reacquainted with nature and learning more in regards to the world around you in its natural state.
If you’re a water lover, there’s plenty more for you too. Beside skimming across the waves windsurfing or kitesurfing, you can dive into the ocean blue. Imagine swimming through schools of brightly colored fish or checking out the beautiful coral reefs that glitter the world. And of course, there is swimming, sunbathing, and surfboarding. Your choices are endless!
Some people enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with risk taking and if you’re like this, maybe you’d prefer to take a trip up in a plane and then dive back down to earth, with a parachute of course. Skydiving is a fantastic way to have an adventure holiday that will really get your palms sweating along with your heart pounding as you plummet toward earth at a 192 km per hour. When your parachute pops open and you float to earth, you’ll enjoy a breathtaking view that not many experience. It is truly an adventure holiday to experience, but not for the faint at heart.
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I enjoyed diving before, but drift diving took me to an entirely new level of understanding how much fun diving can be! My education came on a trip from Dallas to Cozumel for a week of diving.
We had a great group of people who enjoyed diving and got along well together.
Diving seems to bring out the best in many people. I believe it is because of two reasons.
1. Divers are sharing an exciting underwater world with others who have the same interest. Common interests drive bonds between people.
2. You never know when you may have to depend on someone in a tight diving situation.
When diving you are on life support. If anything goes wrong you may have to depend on someone else (to share his or her air) to get you safely to the surface. This is a rare occurrence, but it does happen. Treating the other divers with respect on the surface just makes common sense!
This dive trip was especially memorable to me. I have always enjoyed active sports. Diving to this point was enjoyable for me, but nothing special up to this point.
Cozumel is special not only because of the fantastic underwater world to explore; there are gentle currents that carry you along. If you manage your air effectively you will gently rise and fall as you inhale and exhale (more air causes you to rise, less causes you to sink).
On one of the dives I was very relaxed and managing my air well. The current gently carried me along and I was able to observe the amazing underwater world as it slowly passed by. My only job was to enjoy this amazing underwater extravaganza of fish and coral paradise. Other divers around me were doing the same.
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The long, sandy beaches of Casablanca are located on the Atlantic coastline. The beaches are very popular and can be quite crowded as they are geared up for tourists. You will find plenty of places offering watersports and a wide range of facilities. The beaches of Casablanca are dotted with hotels and resorts which are popular with locals and tourists alike.
You can also get to Mohammedia from Casablanca and it is a lovely resort which is becoming increasingly popular. Mohammedia compromises of a golf course, a marina and lots of luxury hotels. Further north you come across Bouznika which is home to some superb beaches which has made it one of the most well-known resorts on the Atlantic coast.
Whilst in Casablanca you can also get a bus to nearby Ain Diab which is a small beach resort just outside of the city. It’s not the cleanest beach around but it has loads of beach clubs which draw daily crowds. The beach clubs have cafes, restaurants and they all have saltwater pools. There is also a beach club with a disco and tennis and volleyball courts, which is reasonable pricey but worth a visit.
El Jadida beach.
El Jadida is one of the most popular beach resorts in Morocco, with locals coming from all over Morocco to hang out at the beach in the summer.
El Jadida was owned by the Portuguese from 1506 until 1769 and therefore, it has an Old Portuguese medina and its one of the most European looking in Morocco. When the French arrived they transformed it into the popular beach resort that it is today.
The bars are always crowded and in the evenings it is still really busy and like Casablanca there are Moroccan women actively participating in the fun. El Jadida is a great beach for swimming and the beach is a long strip which runs from the city to the port and well beyond the length of the town. The water is clean and the locals are friendly and outgoing.

There are many fantastic beaches around Tangier, where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean. The most popular beach is the main beach of Tangier. It is located next to the famous harbour of Tangier and it stretches for miles along the coast. The beach of Tangier is surrounded by mountains and white washed houses making it one of the most beautiful beach resorts in Morocco.
On a clear day you can see all the way to Gibraltar which is about 35 miles away. Along Tangier beach there are many beach bars and there are opportunities to ride a camel down the beach at any time of the day. The beach in Tangier is geared towards families and you can have hours of fun there.

Essaouira is a town situated on the Atlantic coast and it’s not the best place to go swimming or sunbathing as it’s windy and the water is quite cold. The beach is perfect for surfing, wind surfing and kite surfing though and even if you don’t participate, it’s nice to watch. During the summer the locals like to go for a dip and also play football on the beach.
Essaouira is a very chilled out and laid back place where the Beatles spent a lot of time and the town inspired some of their music. Jimi Hendrix was also a big fan of the town of Essaouira, which he visited in the sixties during his travels of Morocco. A few years later Bob Marley visited and was also said to be a fan of this coastal town.

Asilah beach is a lovely beach town which is lies on Morocco’s North Atlantic coast. It is very popular with Moroccan holiday-makers who visit the sandy beaches in the summer months. The houses in Asilah are whitewashed and so it has a very European feel (Greek/Portuguese) and he city walls are covered in colourful murals. The beaches in Asilah are very clean and the water is clear making it a perfect destination to go to if you are looking to swim and to sunbathe.
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When going on holiday of course you need to make sure that you select the right kind of hotel accommodation for your stay. If you don’t then the opportunity for receiving a good night’s sleep will prove difficult. However, if you have never stayed at a particular destination before then finding what is right can prove even more of a challenge. So in order to help you we offer some tips below you may find useful.
Tip 1 – Firstly set yourself a budget of how much you can realistically afford to spend on your accommodation. This will then help you to determine the class of hotel that you are able to stay in and so reduce the number of them that you can then consider.
When thinking what your budget is don’t forget to take into consideration additional items that you will need to purchase during stay. This includes items such as meals, use of the hotels internet and other amenities that are not part of the price, such as use of the gym or swimming pool if the hotel has one.
Tip 2 – The next thing that needs to be taken into consideration of course is where the hotel is going to be located. Ideally for a holiday you want one that allows you easy access to a wide variety of attractions. Plus of course it means that you don’t need to hire a car as you could instead use the local public transport facilities instead. Doing this will help to reduce the cost of your holiday and the money saved not renting a car could be put towards you booking a much nicer hotel.
Tip 3 – Of course you want a hotel with the right kinds of amenities that you and those travelling with you can enjoy. Plus of course the additional facilities that will help to ensure that your holiday is even more enjoyable.
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Contemplating committing fraud is a serious matter, but many people simply don’t realise that when they exaggerate a travel insurance claim they are actually committing fraud. While falsifying or exaggerating a claim may seem like a harmless ‘white lie’, in fact it is a crime.
While it may be tempting to embellish losses, this could lead to serious repercussions. There are now many companies offering cheap travel insurance with good quality cover, so that trying to make back or justify the money lost on unused insurance over a number of holidays doesn’t have to be an issue.
Here are ten facts everyone should be aware of when claiming insurance.
1) The problem of travel insurance fraud is huge in the UK – 750,000 Britons make false claims on their travel insurance by either falsifying losses or exaggerating how much they have lost.
2) Travel insurance fraud is so common that records from insurers show that Britons lose more Louis Vuitton luggage abroad than is ever actually sold in the UK! However, as a result of this kind of discovery, many insurers are now tightening up their fraud detection methods.
3) Many travellers exaggerate or falsify their claims – as many as five per cent of claimants add extra items to their reported losses as a way of getting a higher insurance payout and 11 per cent confess to increasing the value of their claim.
4) Many fraudulent claims involve falsified or doctored receipts, which are normally required by insurers as proof of the value of medical costs or lost or stolen goods.
5) The problem of travel insurance fraud affects all travel insurance policyholders, because the extra costs incurred in paying out on false claims results in higher premiums on otherwise cheap policies to cover those costs.
6) For those that are caught making a false claim, the punishment can be severe. Not only will they lose the money they have claimed for, they could also face further financial penalties for their actions.
7) Eighteen to 29 year-olds are by far the worst offenders, with 33 per cent admitting to lying when claiming on their travel insurance, compared with just seven per cent of over 50s.
8 ) Eighteen per cent of those who commit travel insurance fraud justify their behaviour by saying they are owed the money because they have not claimed before.
9) Ten per cent of those who commit insurance fraud take the attitude that it’s okay, because everyone does it.
10) The majority of claims are genuine.
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If you fancy an activity day in Wales that provides a real high-speed adrenalin rush, what could be better than spending it behind the wheel of a rally car?
Most people have seen rally driving on the telly, with the Le Mans 24-hour race and various other events involving high speeds, dextrous manoeuvres and moments of crashes and calamities as the competitors hurtle round the track, usually through areas of forest and always while whipping up a trail of dust or splattering mud as they go off-road and push themselves and their vehicle to the limit.
Now, with a rally driving voucher, experience days like this can be yours or given as a present, with the Forest Experience Rally School in Carno, Powys offering an unforgettable adventure.
You can go for a half-day or a full-day and in either case, you will get top instruction from the professionals as they show you how to do handbrake turns and other speedy moves. You will also get to ride with one of them in the climax to the day as they whizz around through the forest.
Before this, you get to don a crash helmet and take on the forest course yourself, competing against others with a trophy and certificates on offer.
For an adventure with an extra edge, you can even have a go at night driving, where the additional challenge of limited visibility and the thrill of the night-time atmosphere bring a new dimension to the experience and offer a further test of your newly-acquired rally driving skills.

Heading to the beach this summer? Summer time is a wonderful time to visit the beach. The beach can provide a lot of fun activities like sunbathing, volleyball, fishing, swimming and even camping. Taking the family out for the day or weekend creates quality time that can create memories that last for years. Here are a few tips to help make your next trip to the beach a safe and joyful one.
Sunscreen: Sunscreen is the number one item to have anytime you are heading to the beach. Use a high SPF rating and make sure it is waterproof if planning on entering the water.
Beach Towels: Carry along one or two beach towels for sitting on, they can even be used to help keep you warm on cool days or shield you from excessive sun.
Portable Sun Shelter: Lightweight and easy to setup, a sun shelter provides protection from the sun and wind. Great for storage of towels, coolers and clothes. These work very well for changing areas.
Safety First: There are many things you can do to keep yourself and your family safe while at the beach. Minimize exposure during the peak sun ultra-violet hours of 10am to 3pm. Where full length clothing that is lightweight and breathable, such as CoolMAX. Use shoes or sandals to protect your feet. Large brimmed hats or caps can offer additional shade and help keep you cooler. Have plenty of non sugar liquids, like water or sugar free juices. Wear high quality sunglasses, cheap sunglasses may not offer the UV protection you need.
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When you start out fishing as a beginner, every catch is something to celebrate. As you improve and you begin to catch fish more regularly, you want to take on new challenges. One of the most magnificent of these challenges is the steelhead. Idaho steelhead fishing is one of the best experiences a true fisherman can have, at least according to the ones who’ve been there and done that. But what makes it such a treat?
For one, an Idaho steelhead fishing opportunity involves one of the most highly desired fish in the world. The steelhead, or rainbow trout, can grow to be fairly large in size. Eighteen inch varieties are not that unusual in the wild as long as the fish have a good supply of food. They are predators so they do well in waters that are teaming with other fish and living creatures. In fact, you can find thirty inch fish hanging out in the Salmon River Canyon in Idaho.
Steelhead fish are closely related to Pacific salmon but are technically rainbow trout. The difference in names comes from the fact that steelhead fish go out to the ocean and back while rainbow trout do not.
Another reason why fishing for steelhead in Idaho is such a treat is that you won’t find many places where the fish is so plentiful. Some types of the fish are actually considered endangered because so much of the habitat has been destroyed and polluted by humans. Some of the fish have also suffered from enteric redmouth disease which can be bad for the fish but is completely harmless to humans. The disease even affects fish bred in hatcheries so supplies continue to dwindle. These fishing spots in Idaho are some of the only places where you’ll be able to hook a large steelhead.
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