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Mike Spencer Counseling
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Christian Counseling Services by a licensed, seminary trained profession located in downtown Melbourne, Florida.
Address700 E Lincoln Ave Suite 3 Melbourne, FL 32901-4800
Phone(321) 722-2803
Welcome to the MSCCS website. Whether you've sought out a Christian counseling site for specific reasons, or just stumbled on it by accident I hope you'll find something here that is helpful to you in some way. My website is new and I will be adding to it frequently to round it out and make it more informative and appealiing. If you have any suggestions I'd like to hear them. No guarantee I'll use them, but I listen to everybody. That's how I learn. The more I learn from my friends and clients, the better counselor I can be for the folks God allows me to help in my practice.

What isChristian Counseling?
Christian counseling is simply the business of helpingpeople through the challenging times of their lives while keeping a Christian perspective on the problems and their solutions. Christian counselors help their clients apply God's eternal truths to the challenges of everyday life. Jesus told his followers that He came to give themabundant life. He also reminded them that life would involve suffering and difficulties. Christian counseling recognizes both sides of life; the abuundant and joyful fulfillment that is possible in our day to day life, and the emotional, mental and relational pain that often robs us of that joy. A good Christian counselor is trained in a graduate school of psychology or counseling to properly diagnose and treat many mental and emotional illnesses. He or she will apply sound principles of evidence based, well researched , and scientifically sound therapyskills to address the concerns of the client. The client and his or her needs are always the most important thing in the counseling relationship. A good Christian counselor is confident of his skills but also mindful of his limitations. Occasionally, referral to a collegue who specializes in a particularproblem areais called for. This should become evident in the first session or two. But in most cases a good Christian counselor will callupon his clinical skills and resources, and the wisdom of God in the Scriptures to offer hope and tangiblehelp to her clients.Finally, a good Christian counselor recognizes that he or she cannot solve the client's problems for them. Lasting change and recovery is the job of the client, with reliance on God's helpday to day. It takes at least three persons to have a good outcome in Christian counseling; a caring and well trained, informed professional, a motivated client,(along with supportive family members) and God. One more thing; a good Christian counselor gives all the credit and glory to God.

Serenity...."the state of utter calm, free from disturbance or change". Sounds nice, huh? Sailboats can be very serene places. Nothing is more peaceful than catching a gentle breeze and moving peacefully across a smooth sea. But that can change almost without warning. And then saidboats become very terrifying and un-calm. Life is like that. God provides the good times with little or no apparent struggle in our souls, minds and relationships. Then the storm hits and we are knocked off course by uncertainty, strife, conflict, depression, anxiety, or anger. God is still in the boat, but maybe "He's sleeping", we wonder, like the disciples in the Gospels. He is the Master of the wind and waves and one word from Him can still the storm and restore the serenity. Sometimes, though, He allows us to go through the storms in order to "wake us up" ,if it is us who are asleep at the helm of our lives. Maybe it's time to change course. ,Contact me if you'd like to talk more about it. I've found that with God's help we can usually get you back on course, even if it is a different one.


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