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Institute of Natural Therapeutics
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The INT Therapy Center for Health & Wellness was established to provide a holistic solution to create physical, mental and emotional balance.
Address6450 1st Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL 33710-8402
Phone(727) 381-5156
If you could significantly improve symptoms and optimize your health and quality of life using natural and effective therapies, without unnecessary drugs or surgery... would you?

Our medical center offers some of the most comprehensive, safe and effective treatments in the field of personalized and alternative medicine, integrating them with the best of traditional medical therapies. Our outstanding medical services are unique and personalized to meet your individual needs. Here, you can expect our physicians to inspire and to empower you to make life choices for optimal wellness and longevity.

We use various therapies and health programs to treat nutritional imbalances, pain, stress, as well as chronic conditions and symptoms.

If you are looking for effective pain relief, symptom relief or seek treatment for a chronic condition...get started right away... contact us for an appointment and let us help you reach a higher quality of living.

As the cost of daily living continues to rise, we find it is hard for many to make doctor's visits or receive quality care. Here are some pointers and facts that will remind you of why it is so important to take nutritional supplements on a regular basis, and of course, the advice doesn't require an office visit or fee...

Important Facts to Remember
- The average diet in the US consists of too much fat, too much sugar,not enough fiber and not enough fresh fruits and vegetables. (eventually causing constipation, irritability, fatigue and more...)
- Most people are eating plenty of calories, but they are often "empty" calories, meaning that they have very low levels of the essential vitamins and minerals we need to stay healthy.
- Each person is unique, so each person's nutritional needs would also be unique to them.
- Most vitamins are safe during pregnancy; in fact that is precisely the time when they are most needed!
- Minerals have very many important functions; life could not exist without them. Iron is required for the manufacture of the chemical hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the blood to all the cells of the body. Calcium is necessary for strong bones, and for transmission of messages within cells and from cell to cell. Magnesium is required for production of energy from the food you eat; and a selenium-containing molecule protects the body from damage by free radicals.

- In order to accomplish all of the thousands of day-to-day functions of your body, the food you eat every day must be converted into energy and raw materials (building blocks for muscles, bones, ligaments enzymes, hormones, and so on). To do all this, vitamins are required. Since we humans lack the ability to manufacture these critical nutrients in our bodies, we have to get them in our diet.

Start your day with a cold glass of water. Scientific tests have shown that drinking water on an empty stomach jump-starts your metabolism, helps your body digest and absorb vitamins, and assists in detoxification.

Even if you cannot afford to purchase all of the herbs, vitamins, and minerals you need, at the very least you should make sure you are taking Calcium, B12, Omega-3, a multi-vitamin, and keep a natural antibiotic on hand for messy situations, colds, and flu's.

Keep track of what you eat on a regular basis; create a food diary.

Ask your doctor to give you your Blood Type or have a test done to find out. The best food plans are based on blood types. For instance, a Type O might become deathly ill over time if put on a vegetarian or vegan diet, assuming they take in little to no protein. Type O's are a blood type that require high amounts of protein; while dairy products have a tendency to cause them upset stomachs, acid reflux, constipation, and more.

Try to avoid highly processed foods (candies, snack foods, convenience foods), or foods high in refined sugar or flour, as these tend to have low levels of important vitamins and minerals. (ex: Sugars are known to promote bone loss/deterioration. read more)

Try to keep some fresh fruits around, and eat at least one fruit per day.

It's helpful to fast for a few days every couple of months, as this helps release toxins that are stored up from poor eating habits, irregular bowel movements (a healthy amount would be three or more times per day), etc.

Have it done every 6 months to a year. The results will inform you of any deficiencies or progress you've made through your diet and/or nutritional regimen.

Make sure you're getting adequate sleep, roughly 8-9 hours. Allow yourself an additional 15 to 30 minutes to fall asleep. Often we mistakenly insist that we've had 8 hours of sleep, when in fact, it may have taken about 30 minutes to finally drift off.

If you don't already own a pet, we highly suggest you look into adopting one. Whether you're fascinated by turtles, ferrets, or iguanas, it has been proven that owning a pet increases happiness and overall health!

Many of our patients are concerned with their pet's welfare, and care for their pets with nutritional supplementation. One concern pet owner's almost always face, is that of parasites.

The most noted parasites in dogs and cats are 'worms' and that is because the majority of all puppies and kittens acquire intestinal worms either prior to or shortly after birth. Worms are only part of the parasite picture, however, as many non-worm parasites exist as well.
Common parasites include fleas, flies, ticks, lice, and mites as well as worms and other intestinal parasites. All parasites of concern can result in damage to an animal's health. No dog or cat that is parasitized is considered healthy.

Parasites can be transferred from the dog or cat to other household animals including humans.

Our patient Beth had recently purchased a new puppy whom she named "Luna," Upon seeing Luna for the first time in-person, she was called by the breeder and told that her puppy had been diagnosed with Heart Worms, and was in an aggressive stage.

Beth was truly worried at this point as to whether she would see her new pup live a long and happy life. That night she began intensely researching alternatives to veterinarian treatment. After confirmation from one of INT Therapy Center's Nutritional Counselors, she was able to put a program together of specific herbs proven to kill parasites, and restore the intestinal tract. Within 1 to 2 months of faithfully feeding her puppy anti-parasitic herbs, the puppy's tests came back negative for heartworm!

To this day she is full of personality, shows significant signs of improvement, and is kept on a maintenance program.


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