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How to Make Your Workers Compensation Claim a Reality
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How to Make Your Workers Compensation Claim a Reality
If you get injured on the job and you do file a workers’ comp claim, there are several things that you must do to make your workers' compensation claim a reality.

When you are injured on the job, it is a natural thing to overlook the required paperwork and you may not feel like even dealing with your employer. You may also fear that your employer will punish you by retaliating negatively to your claim or you might be concerned about missing work due to the injury.

Later, you may not feel like going back to work and just stay home to collect your benefits, regardless if your injuries are better or not. However, if you get injured on the job and you do file a workers’ comp claim, there are several things that you must do.

The Doctor is Your Friend

As soon as you receive the injury, go directly to a doctor, even if you don’t consider your injury to be that serious. It is better to be safe than sorry. Of course, there are injuries that won’t stop you from working right away, but many injuries show up weeks or years later. A doctor will perform an assessment of your injuries to tell the extent of the damage and inform you when you should file a claim.

Be aware…The doctor will also be able to provide supportive paperwork for your claim.

File Your Claim Soon

The sooner you can file your claim, the better the outcome. It is essential that you turn the paperwork in on time. Once your claim is filed, you may be required to provide supplemental information such as other reports.

Keep Your Doctor’s Appointments

When the worker’s comp claim is filed, you will be asked to visit another doctor to get a second opinion and then yet another doctor to monitor your recovery. It cannot be said enough that you should attend all doctor’s appointments that are scheduled for you.

Important to note…if you don’t keep a doctor’s appointment, your absence could cause the insurance company to classify you as being non-compliant, therefore, possibly revoking your benefits.

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Follow the Doctor’s Orders

After filing a claim, the selected physician will probably recommend therapy or other special treatment. No matter how you feel about the treatment, it is best to attend because if you fail to do so, you could also be considered non-compliant, which would only hinder your recovery.

Most employees who are injured will usually go through physical therapy. While this might not seem feasible for someone with minor injuries such as a sprained ankle or broken arm, treatment is still important. The physical therapist will introduce a specific treatment plan to aid you in a quick recovery.

Avoid Aggravating the Injuries

Be careful about performing daily activities that may aggravate your injuries. Not only will this prolong your recovery, if you are caught performing activities that you shouldn’t be, then this could harm your claim.

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