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Driving Under the Influence in Fort Myers, Florida, Charges Can Be Reduced Or Dropped?

When you are driving under the influence of alcoholic drinks, once you are caught by the authority you will be charged accordingly. Consult an attorney, which specializes in DUI for proper guidance.

It is always better to consult Peter M. Dennis, P.A., a DUI attorney Fort Myers when you are involved in road hang-ups, but it would also not hurt if you will also read about some of the things that just might reduce or drop the driving under the influence charge against you.

Your chances for getting your charge dropped or reduced may be greater if:

1.       You will not raise your voice or angrily respond to arresting officers. Always remember to be respectful and compliant when you are dealing with police officers. Remember that when it comes to driving under the influence cases, the officers would usually have a video as evidence of your infraction. Engaging the officers in a flurry of scathing remarks is futile. The prosecuting attorney will probably work with Peter M. Dennis, P.A., your DUI attorney Cape Coral if you are respectful to the interviewing officer the whole time. Also, remember to only answer what is being asked.

2.       Speak straight. Speak clearly. A slurred speech will likely get your chances for a charge reduction down the drain. This is the strongest evidence that you can overcome. Your muffled speech will most probably be used against you since it would usually lead to either intoxication or drug use. So when you face your arresting officers, try your best to speak straight and answer only the things that are asked.

3.       It is your first time to be arrested because of DUI. If you do not have any criminal history or any habit of getting in and out of prison because of driving under the influence charges, at least it will give an impression to the state prosecutor that you are not a habitual felon. If you have never committed a felony before, the state attorney might be more lenient.

In all cases, it is important to talk with your DUI attorney Fort Myers first, especially if you are arrested or charged of driving under the influence. No idea where to go to? Try calling Peter M. Dennis, P.A. Fort Myers Personal Attorney by calling (239) 800-0399.  Our phone line is open 24/7 and we offer free initial consultation. Contact us today or visit us here

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