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What are the Cosmetic Procedures Need by Men in Miami, Florida?

Men of every age are choosing to improve or restore their appearance with cosmetic plastic surgery in Miami and Aventura Florida.

Men of every age are choosing to improve or restore their appearance with cosmetic plastic surgery in Miami and Aventura Florida.  A professional image is important in the competitive world of business. Looking tired or aged can impede success. Looks can contribute to confidence and self esteem. Here are the cosmetic procedures for men offered by Di Geronimo M.D. Advanced Plastic Surgery in Miami and Aventura Florida.


Away from specific instances of breast reduction surgery, liposuction as a more general treatment, along with body contouring, is growing in popularity among men in Miami . While men can choose to undergo these treatments without having had any prior surgery or different treatments, they are common among men who have undergone gastric band or bariatric surgery, and having lost weight are keen to remove remaining unflattering fatty deposits or confidence-draining stretch marks.
These are great options for getting back what they  consider to be  normal body shape following a period of weight loss and lifestyle change.

Hair Transplant 

Hair transplantation is not a cure for male pattern baldness. The transplants will cover bald scalp, but they will not protect you from further hair loss. As male pattern baldness is a progressive condition for most men, it might be worth considering combining surgery with medical treatments to slow down the balding process. Discuss this with  Dr, DiGeronimo for better solutions. 


While there are plenty of men out there who dream of having a six-pack, bigger biceps, and a generally more well defined body, many of them accept that without committing themselves to the gym in the long run and sticking to a strict eating regime that it might be unrealistic to 100% achieve what they want to.Along with this, many men then choose to focus on making their appearance what they would deem to be acceptable. For increasing numbers of men in Miami and Aventura, this means waving goodbye to “man boobs,” hopefully forever.

There are numerous options out there for men who are interested in undergoing breast reduction surgery, though liposuction followed by the removal of excess skin is the most popular. While there’s a short recovery time of a few weeks before they can start heavy lifting again.


Botox for men

BOTOX and fillers are usually reserved for women, but now the Miami’s men are turning to the cosmetic procedure.Men are turning to the treatment to increase their chances of promotions and longevity in the workplace

Men have the same basic concerns as women. We want to look good for our age and soften the signs of ageing as much as possible. What limits us typically are fear of looking a bit artificial and our peers noticing.At Di Geronimo M.D. Advanced Plastic Surgery, we have plenty of male patients. We recognize that the approach to the male face is different to that of a female and we have the experience to effect the difference.More men are finding that getting cosmetic procedures done by  Dr. DiGeronimo ,a great way to make themselves more attractive or make their features more manly, like a “leader of the pack.” Request a consultation at or call our office at (305) 932-5557.

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