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Loading Dock Overhead Door Truck and Wheel Restraints in Angier, North Carolina

When it comes to the safety of overhead door truck and wheel restraints you can make a service request at Passport Door and Dock Systems service technicians who are equipped with safety equipment.

Loading docks are vital parts of most warehouses, where goods and stocks are being transported in and out.  Warehouse employees, big sized vehicles and forklifts intermingle with each other, creating a complex web of loading dock processes.

Due to the complicated demands of the warehouse process, it is necessary and crucial to have strategy to enforce safety rules, to administer, control, and maintain safety measures to all warehouse employees including machines and equipment.              

In order to prevent basic dock accidents from happening, below are some safety measures every warehouse should be aware of:

·         First, contact Passport Door and Dock Systems to evaluate your warehouse docking process.

·         Dock levelers should be monitored properly in such a way there is not much gap between the loading dock and the trailer. Because during the unloading /loading process the trailer’s dimensional height shifts , make sure the level height between the surfaces are in parallel.

·        Outside water contamination and wet loads produces slip hazards but can be proactively prevented by using dock canopies and dock seals.

·       Wheel and truck restraints should be used against accidents produced by drive-away and trailer creeps. Truck drive-away happens when the driver made a wrong presumption that the loading /unloading workload is finished but is not, thus there is a need to temporarily restrain the vehicle and confirm the workload status. Meanwhile, trailer creeps happens when fork trucks moves upon entering and exiting the trailer, the unrestrained trucks crawl or ‘creeps’ from the dock door. 

There are a variety of wheels and truck restraints to choose that would fit to your needs, may it be from a simple manual to fully automatic truck restraints. One of the practical methods for prevention of truck drive-away accidents is that the driver takes the keys with him when he alights temporarily from his vehicle.   

·        The area between the dock door and fork truck should be lighted properly, to prevent accidents due to poor visual safety measures.

·        Placing a safety net between the pedestrian traffic control in the dock area and elevated loading conveyor, for prevention against accidental falling objects thus minimizing personnel injury and goods damages.

·        Keeping the docking environment clean all the time reduces accidents and hazards. Basically, maintaining a general housekeeping should be strictly implemented by decluttering, collecting, classifying and dusting unwanted debris.       

If you are concerned about the safety of your company’s loading dock or warehouse there is always a choice in consulting the professionals to fully review and evaluate your current loading dock safety policies and procedures. Call Passport Door and Dock Systems, the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors at (919) 639-0334 or (252) 753-6100.

At Passport Door and Dock, we work with you to make your docks the safest they possibly can be. We have a variety of the latest products from warehouse lighting to bumper guards to truck and wheel restraints. Passport Door and Dock Systems can also provide you with the latest in commercial operators to give you easy access to your facilities.

When it comes to the safety of overhead door truck and wheel restraints you can make a service request at, our service technicians who are equipped with safety restraint equipment and are available in all services areas namely safety restraints equipment North Carolina, safety restraints equipment Angier NC, and safety restraints equipment Farmville NC will be happy to answer to your inquiries.

For other details please click on our website at or visit our service office areas at North Carolina, Angier NC & Farmville NC.

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