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How to Determine an Effective Civil Litigation in Fort Myers, Florida?

The determination of effective civil litigation is dependent on the efficiency and know-how of the legal counsel where planning and utmost preparation are deemed some of the factors to be considered.

Civil litigation is the process of taking legal action to demand a specific performance based on a breach of contract or a legal dispute seeking for the collection of money due to the commission of a tort leading to legal liability. 


In essence, it is a court process of redressing the grievances of a plaintiff against the defendant that is not punitive in nature. 


The process of determination of a civil suit usually involves family law, breach of contract and infringement of a right. It encompasses a broad range of disputes involving the conduct of proving the commission of fault or negligence and demonstrating the degree of damages impaired.


The determination of effective civil litigation is dependent on the efficiency and know-how of the legal counsel where planning and utmost preparation are deemed some of the factors to be considered. 


The duty to uphold the interest of either the complainant or the defendant is challenging. 


Victory to this effect is not, of course, a pre-determined outcome due to several factors affecting the presentation of the facts through the circumstantial, documentary and testimonial pieces of evidence as well as the proficiency of the trial lawyer. The most important factor is to choose Peter M. Dennis Law P.A.


In a nutshell, those who are not well represented by a professional trial lawyer will most likely commit the dreadful and costly mistakes that will lead them to lose their cases. 


The representation of an expert trial lawyer actually plays a serious factor. A lawyer who is well versed in terms of both civil and civil procedural laws in Fort Myers, Florida is vital to be observed. The one who has the expertise in the conduct of trials and mediations in federal, state and local courts. 


To date, it is difficult to look for a trial lawyer who practices quality and excellence in their field of work. 


But to help you resolve your legal concern, Peter M. Dennis Law P.A. offers his expertise to deliver the above-mentioned trial lawyer attributes. He evaluates and provides an honest appraisal of your civil case and will thereafter convey the recommended course of legal action to be facilitated and prepared. 


If you agree, he will represent you throughout the determination of your civil case may it be for a complainant or defendant.


Peter M. Dennis Law P.A gained his expertise in the field of Civil Law for a decade already as he committed himself to protect the interests of his clients. He will surely earn your trust and confidence and will exceed your expectations because the clients’ utmost satisfaction is one of his aspirations. 


He will always spend an extra mile to uphold his clients’ sentiments and rights.


As a matter of fact, he mastered the art of litigation regarding civil cases involving contracts, small business, eviction disputes, community association disputes, divorce cases and other cases similar in nature. 


If you want to be proficiently represented in court, call Peter M. Dennis Law P.A at the telephone number (239) 800-0399 or you may send an email via our webpage at


For your needs about Civil Litigation Attorney, Civil Litigation lawyer, Civil Litigation Fort Myers, Civil Litigation Cape Coral, and Civil Litigation Lehigh Acres, you may visit our official website to learn more at


Our service areas in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Lehigh Acres, FL are open to serve you better.


Call us now as we made a 24/7 assistance available to provide an initial free consultation. 




Your rights are valuable and they are recognizable and enforceable at law. It is only proper that they should be upheld and protected by retaining the services of Peter M. Dennis Law P.A and he will be the one to defend and vindicate your civil rights. 


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