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Swimming Pool Maintenance and Safety Tips This Holidays in Naples, FL
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During holidays, the swimming pools should be secured to make sure that nobody incurs an accident such as but not limited to a fall, slippage and other similar incidents.
One important thing to undertake during the holiday season is to ensure that your residential swimming pool is safe for swimming. Several factors might occur that may contaminate the pool water.  A few tips may include the pool water pH balance checking and the alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels. These undertakings may aggravate the build-up of swimming pool corrosion and generation of algae, which may lead to an accident and other health-related problems.
Relative to this, it is wise to treat your pool water with the correct amount of chlorine to kill bacteria, algae, and fungi. When the pool water becomes normal per its pH measurement, you may add extra strength winterizing algaecide to kill the remaining algae and to hinder its further growth. If you undertake an insufficient treatment, the water may discolor and sometimes it will produce a foul odor. To this end, you may need to undertake the professional cleaning services to carry out the job.
On the other hand, if your concern is to avoid the cracking of your pool tiles during winter, you may want to reduce the amount of the pool water using a water pump to lower the water lower than the skimmer and the water returns.
Further, you need to empty the pump lines, filter and other devices that may hold the water to avoid their breakage. This is so because water may form into ice and it may collapse the pipelines, docks, and conduits.
You need to take ample time to winterize the plumbing to prevent the pipe from freezing and cracking due to the cold weather. You may want to use the vacuum to blow air into the skimmer pipe to ensure its dryness. It is likewise advisable to integrate plastic bottles or chunk of Styrofoam in the skimmer to make sure that it will not be damaged by freezing.
In addition, you may secure the area around your pool with a regulation-sized fence and installation of locks on every gate to make sure that nobody swims without parental supervision.
This undertaking is tedious and to address the problems, you need to realize your inexperience and hire the services of the professional cleaning company. To this effect are the products and services of Contemporary Pools, Inc.
We have the expertise to design swimming pools for your utmost enjoyment. We also select the high-end materials and products to utilize for the construction of the pools to warrant their durability and aesthetic appearance. We the integration of our advanced technology, our products and services ensure trouble-free engagement and low maintenance service.
We likewise built custom pools to cater to your personal design and we further provide the additional support to make sure that your design and our technology will collaborate to provide you with complete satisfaction. All our projects have been undertaken using the highest quality materials and skilled workmanship. 

For your needs about pool maintenance, pool maintenance in Cape Coral Fl, pool maintenance in Fort Myers, and pool maintenance in Southwest Florida, please visit our official website to learn more at
For your questions and orders, you may contact us at telephone number 239-237-3338 for a prompt response. 
Our committed coordinators await your call to provide you with our utmost service for your complete satisfaction. 
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