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12 Summer Solutions for the Loading Dock in Shreveport, LA

12 Summer Solutions for the Loading Dock in Shreveport, LA
Efficient ways to keep your loading dock equipment comfortable and running smoothly around the loading dock area. Southern Dock Products will help you find the best energy saving solutions.

With warmer weather during summer months, facility managers should be considering new, efficient ways to keep their Shreveport, LA loading dock equipment comfortable and running smoothly around the loading dock area. Heat, humidity, and rain can put a strain on workplace productivity.  As a result, facility managers who oversee largely, Shreveport, LA  Dock equipmentand high-traffic facilities should be taking the proper steps to ensure their loading dock areas are summer-ready. 


Facility  loading dock areas  in Shreveport, LA should be addressed for the following reasons:

·         To save on energy

·         In order to increase operational efficiency 

·         In order to maximize safety conditions

·         To create a comfortable work environment

If you are unsure what steps you should take to make your loading dock area summer-ready, Southern Dock Products, a Division of DuraServ is happy to help. We offer free, no-hassle consultations to answer any questions, address potential problem areas, and help you determine the steps you can take to effectively optimize your facility’s performance during the summer months.


With that in mind, Southern Dock Products have products that can improve loading dock areas this summer.

1. APS LED Guide Lights-

·         Operates via the included on/off control console for both guide lights

·         Shallow depth reduces the chance for impact by truck trailer

·         High-impact polycarbonate construction with ribbed reinforcing

·         High visibility from compact illumination on both sides of the door opening

·         115/12V AC/DC operation

·         The dual light system is standard

·         Est. weight – 16 lbs

2.  APS E-Saver LED Bulb

·         27 watt LED uses less than 1/5 the energy of a traditional incandescent

·         50,000-hour extra long life expectancy

·         PAR38 base fits most existing dock lights for easy installation

·         Special LED optics display maximum light throughout the truck

·         Meets requirements for food and pharmaceutical facilities

·         Durable construction to withstand impact

·         LED technology keeps the lamp head cool to the touch

3. Rytec Turbo Seal INSULATED Door

·         Rylon Thermal (3.0) Panel

·         One-inch thick, closed-cell foam panel with R-4 insulated value

·         Laterally-rigid and vertically flexible with  non-porous, moisture-proof vapor barrier for uniform performance

·         Perimeter Seals and Thermal Breaks

·         Quad seals on front and back of the panel

·         Top vinyl loop seal and low-temperature bottom edge seal help eliminate ice propagation

·         Full perimeter thermal breaks

·         Self-Repairing

·         Break-away panel instantly self-repairs and resets automatically without manual intervention needed

·         Safety is Standard

·         Pathwatch® Safety Light System, pneumatic reversing edge and thru-beam photo eyes

4. APS Turbo-ES™ Fan

·         The compact Turbo-ES Energy Saving Fan from APS Resource creates a focused column of air that forces hot, cold or musty air from the trailer replacing it with fresh air.

·         Less energy consumption for max air output

·         Heavy-duty steel construction that is proudly made in the USA

·         Optional dock light head available

5. G-Flex LED Dock Light™

·         Heavy-duty, 27” long, flexible stainless steel arm

·         Meets requirements for food and pharmaceutical facilities

·         Steel elbow and swivel base to simplify positioning

·         This product carries a (3) year limited warranty with APS Resource

6. High Impact LED™ Dock Light

·         The High Impact LED Dock Light has a compact, durable design for your most demanding applications at the loading dock. It can be easily retrofitted to existing dock arms or can be mounted remotely.

·         Light head rated for “Wet Locations,” IP66, NEMA 4

·         Meets requirements for food and pharmaceutical facilities


7. ENERGY GUARD® Retrofit Kit

·         The ENERGY GUARD Retrofit Kit offers top of the line perimeter seal that covers the sides and rear of your dock leveler. The energy-saving solution blocks invasive animal and insects as well as debris. It can also be used as an extra security measure

·         Compatible with Kelley, Serco, and other competitive dock levelers

·         Allows unrestricted access to pit for cleaning and inspection

·         For narrow pit gaps, a “low-profile” option is available

·         Design deters risk of material being torn or damaged by trailers or debris

·         Fabric is rated to 30 degrees below zero (-30 F)

·         UV inhibitors, anti-mildew formulation and matte finish

8. Serco Energy Guard™

·         The Energy Guard® dock leveler weatherseal is the most effective way to protect your loading dock from multiple problems — energy loss, dirt, debris, and pests among them.  Our superior perimeter dock leveler seal closes off gaps between the dock leveler and concrete pit walls that are typically missed by traditional sealing options — so no air seeps in or out.

·         Long-term durability with no fabric exposed to the face of the loading dock wall

·         The expanded sealing range creates an effective perimeter seal up to 9” above dock level

·         No parts or assemblies installed under the dock leveler or pit floor

·         Rear hinge seal assembly’s durable 2-ply material flexes during operation to block airflow at the rear


·         The patent-pending five-blade design optimizes airflow by increasing lift off of the blade surface.

·         Remote digital touchscreen offers floor-level diagnostics.

·         The Single-axis mount decreases potential fan movement.

·         Easily integrates with fire suppression panels and iFAN® centralized control.

·         In the colder months, HVLS ceiling fans can be run in reverse to circulate hot air that becomes trapped at the ceiling level.

10. Serco ATEC Fan

·         Keep employees cool and comfortable. The 2-3 mph breeze delivers the equivalent of a 7-11 degree reduction in the perceived temperature.

·         Reduce energy consumption. Working with the HVAC system, Serco fans help regulate temperature from ceiling to floor, which can allow a facility to raise its thermostat setting 3 – 5 degrees. This creates a potential energy savings of up to 4% per degree change.

·         Protect product integrity. Air circulation helps keep food and produce dry and fresh, reducing the potential for decay or spoilage – Air circulation reduces stagnant air, hot and cold spots and condensation – Serco fans are also designed to operate in reverse, which helps de-stratify air in cool season operation.


·         The patent-pending five-blade design optimizes airflow by increasing lift off of the blade surface

·         Remote digital touchscreen offers floor-level diagnostics

·         Single-axis mount decreases potential fan movement

·         Easily integrates with fire suppression panels and iFAN® centralized control

12. C-Class Commercial Fan

·         5-BLADE DESIGN
Built for low-speed rotary airfoil applications & quieter experience

Promote airflow efficiency, funneling away turbulent air that can cause drag

Other Tips: 

Don’t take unnecessary risks with your loading dock employee’s health and safety.  Prevention is key.

Combining common sense approaches to avoiding heat stress, such as teaching employees the important warning signs and to self-monitor, making sure they have access to and drink plenty of water before they’re thirsty, and encouraging employees to wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothes—along with making sure you have the right equipment at the loading dock in Shreveport LA and Southern Dock Products team of loading dock design experts will help your employees combat the rigors of summer heat this year and in years to come. 

Call Us Today 

At Southern Dock Products, we specialize in providing top-quality aftermarket loading dock parts. We carry a full line of dock parts that can satisfy your particular loading dock needs. Call us at 1-800-994-2361.

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