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How do I use heat transfer vinyl on fabric?

How do I use heat transfer vinyl on fabric?
Get high-quality, affordable heat transfer vinyl, adhesive vinyl, iron on, pattern vinyl, printable paper & sublimation transfers all in one place at iCraftvinyl. com.

Heat transfer vinyl is also known as iron-on vinyl or HTV vinyl. It is an extraordinary vinyl that can completely stick to fabric. This is not the same as adhesive vinyl sheets and rolls that are sticky in nature from the start. The adhesive on the HTV vinyl is activated with heat. Iron-on vinyl is easy to use because it can help you transfer any design onto almost any surface. This vinyl comes in sheets, rolls and packs. When you receive your vinyl sheet you will notice that there is a difference in texture in the front and the back. The front side is the important side. There is a layer that is usually attached at the back of the sheet which you can strip off after you have ironed your HTV vinyl onto a surface.


HTV vinyl works best on cotton, polyester or cotton/poly mixes. Any other fabrics similar to acrylic won't work accurately because they will soften under the warmth of an iron. If you want to be creative and do more than making custom T shirts you can apply HTV vinyl to mugs, baseball caps, footballs and even wood! If you want to iron your vinyl, you can do it carefully by placing a cardboard sheet under your fabric. If you want to use your iron on vinyl at a later time in the future, it is important that you do not remove the film at the back before you want to use the sheet. If you want to give a heat transfer vinyl sheet as a gift, you can roll it up with a Teflon sheet to protect it from losing its adhesive.  


The receiver of the gift will definitely appreciate an HTV vinyl sheet because of all the creative things that they can make with it. Heat transfer vinyl by iCraftVinyl often lasts longer than the fabric you have transferred it on to because of its high quality. Before transferring iron on vinyl onto a fabric, make sure that you wash it beforehand or else your project may not last as long as you wanted it to. If that happens and your vinyl turns out to be bubbly and wrinkly, iron it again to make it smooth. Always try to wash your fabric before transferring your iron on vinyl onto it. 


If you're transferring the vinyl onto a shirt you just brought home from the store, think about how dusty that cloth is from all the dust and particles that were in the shop that it came from. Glue will stick better onto a clean and plain surface rather than a dusty one. If you want your HTV vinyl to last, wash your piece of clothing with only detergent and not fabric softener. Even if you have transferred your design to the fabric without washing it, don't worry! iCraftVinyls products will last for quite a long time. If youre feeling extra creative, use your heat transfer vinyl sheets to create beautiful layered designs and give it an extra pop of colour and texture.  




Start by choosing the kind of HTV vinyl you want from iCraftVinyl. Always make sure that you have measured the area where you might want to transfer your design and remember that size while you're planning your project. There are unlimited projects you can create with an HTV Vinyl and heat press. You can create a simple or a complicated design with iron on vinyl and be rest assured that your HTV vinyl design will last for a long time.

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ICraft Vinyl offers high-quality and easy to use HTV vinyl for a wide range of use. We bring you the best range of HTV at the lowest possible prices on the market.
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ICraft Vinyl offers high-quality and easy to use HTV vinyl for a wide range of use. We bring you the best range of HTV at the lowest possible prices on the market.