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Home Disinfecting: How to Keep Your Living Areas Clean
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During these pandemic times, how clean are your living areas? Cleaning your home during the pandemic isn’t just about sweeping floors and wiping down surfaces with a cloth. Learn more here.

During these pandemic times, how clean are your living areas? Cleaning your home during the pandemic isn’t just about sweeping floors and wiping down surfaces with a cloth.

These tasks are done specifically for the visible dust, dirt, and grime that naturally build up in many areas of your house. With COVID-19 lurking around, it’s better if deep cleaning is performed.

Here at ServiceMaster by Wright, we offer our professional sanitizing services. You can feel secure that your living room is being taken care of. They can make your living room cleaner and safer as you worry about other things. How can we keep your living areas clean and safe?

Disinfecting Doorknobs

It seems like common sense that doorknobs are one of the dirtiest things in the home. When you are outside, the doorknob will be the first thing you will touch. Not realizing that germs can survive on metal surfaces for several days, it can pose a potential risk for you and your family.

What do you do to disinfect and sanitize?  Wash the doorknob first with detergent and water. Then, spray it with a disinfectant solution. Let the solution sit for 1 minute. Wipe with a clean, dry cloth after. You can do this every other day to make sure all threats are eliminated.

Disinfecting Remote Control

Most people in your house touch the TV remote control many times every day. It makes it one of the potentially dirtiest items in your home. However, it’s something many do not even realize they should clean. 

What to do? First, remove the batteries. Use an alcohol-based or disinfecting wipe to clean thoroughly. Another alternative is a clean, cotton cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol. Then, with an alcohol-dipped cotton bud, clean the nooks and grooves in between the buttons. You can disinfect your remote control every other day. 

Disinfecting Carpets and Rugs

COVID-19 can survive on carpets, rugs, and other fibers or fabrics for several hours. You’re not likely to get the virus from these sources, but you can track the virus throughout your home if you walk on a contaminated carpet or rug and then to other rooms in your home.

What to do? Vacuuming may not be enough but it can help. However, see to it that you also disinfect at least once a week. Shake out your rugs regularly and steam clean your carpets as often as you can. Steam and high heat can kill germs and bacteria. It can also help in eliminating the virus. You can also hire carpet cleaning services.

Disinfecting Walls

Often we don’t realize that walls need disinfecting, too. If your children love to play, they often draw on your walls and play hide-and-seek. 

What do you do? Once a week, you can disinfect your walls using a microfiber cloth with a disinfectant solution that is paint friendly. 

Disinfecting Floors

We may sweep and vacuum regularly but we may never know what we can’t see with our naked eyes. That’s why its important to regularly disinfect surfaces in our homes, especially during these pandemic times. 

For heavy dirt and soil, use a scrubber. For weekly disinfecting, you can use a mop. It’s better to use an EPA-registered disinfectant to help sanitize thoroughly.

In General…

Your living areas can be your home office, living room, entertainment room, game room, or sitting rooms. If it’s too much too clean by yourself, you can always hire a professional sanitizing company near you

Need help keeping your living areas safe and clean? Looking for peace of mind knowing that your surfaces are truly sterile and safe to use? Call the professionals at ServiceMaster by Wright at (239) 431-9947 now to request a consultation for your home disinfecting service.

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