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5 Types of Insurance You Need to Protect Your Business

5 Types of Insurance You Need to Protect Your Business
Call John Perry Insurance experts at 863-777-4966 for business, and personal insurance services in Fort Myers, and its surrounding areas in Florida.

Probably one of the common business start-up mistakes by most entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners is not having their backs covered- by insurance. 

Though they may know that to be in the business world may involve risks, however, they could at least diminish their vulnerabilities to uncertainties and protect their business from all types of risks.


One of those good insurance companies in Florida like John Perry Insurance shares some informative business insurance ideas that may help your business stay protected and safe from the unknowns. 

Below are some business insurance policies you may consider and may depend on your business coverage needs:


1.Business Auto Insurance

Car accidents are unpredictable and costly. Any business may it midsize or small should have a business auto insurance. At least a business should insure against third-party injury, however, a complete insurance package may cover that vehicle also. For employees using their cars for business, their insurance has got their backs covered in the event of an accident.   


Our business insurance Fort Myers understands the value of your commercial vehicles and the employees who drive them. Prevent losing your company hard-earned profits and protect your company assets. Check out our link at


2.Commercial Property Insurance

This type of insurance is a must, may it be a business owned or a space lease. It covers inventory, signage, equipment, and furniture in the event of a disaster like fire, storm, or even theft. Except, mass-destruction events like floods and earthquakes, which are generally not covered under standard property insurance policies.  


We at Business Insurance Clewiston provide a wide range of coverage for buildings, inventory, equipment, tools, and more. Our commercial property insurance covers losses from fire, break-ins, vandalism, windstorm, and other natural or man-made disasters.

Click our link to know more about our commercial property insurance -


3.Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is additional insurance that provides protection beyond the limits and coverage of other policies. It will start once the base liability policies have paid out to their limits. They can provide coverage for certain lawsuits, injuries, property damage, and personal liability situations.


Keeping your business insured is safe. However, adding an extra layer of protection will give you the peace of mind. Business Insurance Labelle’s commercial umbrella Insurance will provide your business with additional coverage should a lawsuit or major accident exceed the limits of your existing policies.

Check our link at


4.General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance or also known as Public Liability Insurance covers a business company if in any event its employees or products/services are ever accused of causing property damage or bodily injury to a third party, it can protect them from claims of false advertising, libel, or slander, and also cover the medical costs if someone got injured on your business property.


Our Business Insurance Okeechobee understands that mistakes can happen and we are here to protect and keep your business safe for the day to day operations.

Learn more about our liability insurance at


5.Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Another must-have insurance policy needs for businesses with workers, except for single proprietors or in partnership without any employees. Workers’ compensation insurance covers disability benefits, medical treatments, and any work-related employee injury.


Fort Myers Workers Compensation Insurance provides coverage for both work related injuries and some lost income. We also represent several top rated workers compensation insurance companies and can get you the right coverage that fits your business insurance budget.

Get to know more about John Perry’s worker's compensation insurance at


Can I run a business in Fort Myers, FL without insurance?

Probably for some small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups who plan to have a business in Florida, this is the question they always wonder.   


In a fact, under Florida law a business company is not required to have insurance, however, it is still essential for every business owner to purchase a property and casualty policy. Even if you are renting only space the landlord may require the property insurance.


Both casualty and property insurance protects the physical location and the real estate of the business including equipment, products, and any asset of the business.


Are small businesses required to have insurance?

As mentioned above, under Florida Law it is not a requirement to have any type of insurance in a business. However, for small businesses, it is highly recommendable to have general liability insurance.   


Businesses should consider general liability insurance or public liability insurance, even for home-based businesses. Some may know that general liability insurance covers the cost of compensation, but it also covers your defense costs as well.


What's the Best Business Insurance Agent in Fort Myers, Florida?

If you happen to be passing by Fort Myers or its surrounding areas, check out Florida’s most reliable insurance company- John Perry Insurance Agency. Since 1995, John Perry Insurance Agency has been helping businesses and individuals like you to find insurance policies that are perfect for your needs.


Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or startup business-minded person and planning to open and operate your own business, we have the insurance solution that you may seek. The need to protect your business in Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Clewiston, Okeechobee, and LaBelle is a must.


Our commercial/business insurance team at John Perry Insurance has over 25 years of experience working with established businesses and offers guidance and consultation to first-time business owners.


Get to know more about how we can help you with your insurance needs, you may contact us at 863-777-4966, or you can message at our FREE Insurance quote by clicking at






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