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Guide on How to Properly Clean Your Home's Impact Windows
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Guide on How to Properly Clean Your Home
Guardian Hurricane Protection of Naples, Florida discusses how to properly clean your impact windows. Call us at 239-438-4732 to learn more about impact windows

Whether you just moved in on a new house or just installed new impact windows, it is necessary to know the basics of proper maintenance for these windows. Here we share a few tips and tidbit info on how to clean your home impact windows properly. 


What are impact windows?

Impact windows or also known as Impact-resistant windows are a type of glass windows made to withstand harsh weather conditions like hurricanes, storms, and cyclones that can provide strength and durability to the integrity of a house, building, or any structure. 


What are the Advantages of Impact Windows?  

Impact glasses have long been trusted for years when it comes to home safety during storms and hurricanes. They offer a lot of benefits such as:  

  • protection from harsh weather conditions

  • reduction of noises

  • provides additional layering against ultraviolet lights 

  • improve energy efficiency

  • discounts on insurance

  • security against burglars

  • reduces homeowner anxiety


Things Needed for Cleaning Windows

Gather necessary materials and equipment to make your work easy and convenient in cleaning your impact windows by using the following:

  • bucket

  • cleaning detergent or mild cleaning solution

  • old cotton T-shirt or cotton cloths

  • scraper

  • soft cloth or microfiber

  • squeegee

  • water bucket or hose

Steps for Cleaning Windows

Step 1: Scrubbing the Window

First off, scrub your impact windows with a soft cloth and cleaning detergent to remove debris and dirt. Clean your windows when it is cloudy outside as compared to sunny days because the sun can cause the detergent to dry faster and there is a risk of streaking.     


Step 2: Use Water to Rinse the Window

After scrubbing, rinse the window with water. Use the squeegee to make sure the water is removed and to prevent water spots on your windows. It is commendable to do one window at a time, in that way you would not be leaving the water running down the glass while moving on to the next and besides it would save you more time and effort by cleaning your windows properly.


Step 3: Use Squeegee in Removing Excess Water

The proper directional way to use a squeegee is to start from the topmost window and going downwards. By pulling it downwards using pressure to force the water down you can make your work easy and while in-between each squeegee pass, remove the water off so that you would not be adding more water to the window. Another technique is wiping the squeegee with an absorbent cloth or t-shirt in between passes in that way it would be much faster and time saving the workload.


Step 4: Polish the Window

Lastly, polish the windows using an old cotton t-shirt to remove some residues and avoiding the windows to streak. In this way, the windows can dry faster making them a more transparent and beautiful shine.   


Additional Tips in Window Cleaning:

1. To avoid window streaking as a cause by dry cleaning solutions, try to clean windows during cloudy days.  


2. The proper directional method in cleaning windows is from side to side for the insides of the glass, while from top to bottom for the outside panes.  


3. It is commendable to use car squeegees in cleaning windshields, the same way as wiping dirty water off glasses. Always use a cloth or paper towel in wiping a squeegee after a stroke.


4. Use a garden hose for a spray mist for hard-to-reach windows. But beforehand make sure it is closed and tightly sealed to avoid a mess. Be careful when using strong water pressure it can break the glass or damaged frames.  


If you are living in a storm-prone area, it is a necessity to own high impact glass windows to protect your home and property.  Proper maintenance increases impact windows lifespan. 


Guardian Hurricane Protection, since 1990, has years of experience in all facets of window and door replacement projects and hurricane protection. We can provide high quality and durable impact-resistant windows, energy-efficient options, and vinyl and aluminum frames.


You can request a free quote by dialing  239-438-4732/ 239-244-2015, or through our website at

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