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Braces vs. Clear Aligners

Braces vs. Clear Aligners
Clear aligners and braces are the two orthodontic solutions for realigning and fixing in-between teeth gaps. However, there are several factors to consider such as visibility, removability and comfort

Clear aligners and braces are the two orthodontic solutions that can help realignment your teeth, fix in-between teeth gaps, and improve your bite. But the question is, which one is the best teeth straightening choice suitable for your personal dental need.

Here Dr. Sonia Olivares of iSmile Coral Gables will help you by discussing the differences between clear aligners and braces so you can differentiate and decide which dental treatment is best and perfect for your smile.

What are braces?

Braces are the traditional teeth realignment procedure, mostly performed on children and teenagers. They are the metal or porcelain brackets bonded and interconnected by an archwire, to slowly shift the teeth according to a predetermined plan. Through slight but steady pressure application the teeth move into their optimal position.


Traditional metal braces come with a silvery metal bracket that is attached to your teeth, together with brackets having a metal archwire. Braces are visible up close and noticeable that your appearance may change a bit over overtime. 
Word of caution, before making a final decision as to having braces it is best to ask questions like will these braces affect my social lifestyle image, am I ready to have a major change on my facial looks? If any of these you have answers of ‘no’, better think again.    


Braces are designed to be affixed to the teeth throughout the treatment process. Though there may be some food restrictions that may affect your diet on the brighter side you cannot lose them.  


At first, it is natural for the brace-users to feel discomfort because the user is still adjusting and getting used to the brackets and wires. In good time, the discomfort will fade and easily managed by the patient that they may even forget they are wearing one.


Good oral hygiene for brace-users is a necessity to avoid plaque and food debris entry to the teeth and gums. Frequent brushing and flossing to the braced teeth will prevent the build-up of bacteria and plaque that can cause inflamed gums and teeth damages. 


Brace-users should avoid foods that are sticky, crunchy, hard, and chewy for they can damage a bracket or can pop a wire out of the brackets. Likewise, for fluids, patients should stay away from acidic or sugary drinks such as carbonated drinks, flavored waters, or sports drinks, for they are potential enamel- damaging liquids.
Braces offer benefits one way or the other, below are its pros and cons:   
Pros of Braces
  • No need to remove them when eating and drinking
Cons of Braces
  • Traditional dental realignment procedure
  • Limited smiling due to brackets and wires
  • High oral hygiene maintenance
  • High food restrictions (sticky, crunchy, hard, and chewy)
  • Discomfort feeling, especially for first-time use

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners, also known as invisalign, are a nearly invisible series of trays that use no metal brackets and wires to guide your teeth into the proper position gently and comfortably.
Invisalign's are best suitable for people, who want straight teeth and without train-track style metal braces. Thankful to modern technology, clear aligners helped a lot of people especially adults who have low confidence because of misaligned teeth and gums. Additionally, clear aligners give the user the convenience of eating and drinking freely, whatever and whenever they want.  


Clear aligners are beneficially less noticeable compared to standard braces. Though they can be seen only up-close, clear aligners give its user the great benefit of looking good in photos without a restriction of their smiles.  


Clear aligner-users have the freedom of eating foods whatever they like, provided they take them out first. For first-time users, the hassle of wearing clear aligners is taking them out if there’s a need to eat or drink and removing them before brushing. To make them effective and functional it is a requirement to wear them as close as 22-23 hours every day.   


Most people prefer aligners because they are virtually invisible and unbreakable since it is a one-piece design. Aligners will fit comfortably enough that you will forget you are wearing one and nobody will tell that you are straightening your teeth.  


Even though invisalign may be strong and durable, however, your teeth and gums are not. Liquids containing acid, sugar, or both, can seep through the aligners and eventually will stain the teeth and decay the gums. It is important to keep in mind to avoid drinking soft drinks, flavored waters, or sports drinks while putting in your aligners.  


The joy of being a clear aligner-user is that there are no restrictions when it comes to food and drinks, except the necessity to remove them before eating or drinking and the teeth cleaning maintenance before putting back the aligners.
Wearing aligners may have downsides and upsides, for point of comparison below are the pros and cons of having a clear aligner:
Pros of Clear Aligners
  • Modern dental realignment procedure
  • Unlimited smiling 
  • Unlimited food and drinks choices / no food restrictions
  • Confidence booster
  • Uplifts social image
  • Highly durable with fewer worries
  • Comfortable feeling, even for first-timers 
  • Low oral hygiene maintenance
Cons of Clear Aligners
  • Required to remove them before eating
  • High food restrictions (sticky, crunchy, hard, and chewy)

Which Option is Perfect for You?

Now, which is better, clear aligners or braces? The verdict is out - clear aligners are the modern-day teeth realignment choice by most people. As preferred by many, probably the reasons behind are considerations and factors that affect the patient’s lifestyle which includes eating, drinking, social status image, budget restrictions, and most importantly - the smile. 
Trusting the expertise of the iSmile’s orthodontists, who has the years of experience, and skills to make the clear aligner treatment plan happen that will help your healthy and beautiful smile come to a reality.

Coral Gables and Doral, FL | Clear Aligners

At iSmile Coral Gables and Doral FL, our team of skilled orthodontists specializes in clear aligner treatments. Dr. Sonia Olivares together with her team of clear aligner experts is dedicated to providing high-quality teeth realignment procedures to improve the oral health of the families to all who are living in Florida.
We also believe in a personalized experience based on your goals for your smile. Our goal is to educate and open options to our patients so that they can make an informed choice regarding their health and appearance.
Make that decision happen by booking early through our contacts at iSmile Doral: 305-620-8272 / iSmile Coral Gables: 305-396-1026, or making an appointment at for your next clear aligner treatment in Coral Gables and Doral, Florida.
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