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Bail Bonds DUI in Florida

Bail Bonds DUI in Florida
The fact that you could hardly pay for your bail bond is a stressful idea already. To provide you with our worry-free assistance, you just need to tap us at the soonest available time.


Drunk driving and how it is responsible for serious and even a lot of fatal car accidents is discussed a lot in the media and elsewhere, however, there is very little mention about people driving cars under the influence of drugs, which as common a problem in all the states, including Florida. It may come as a surprise to many people but around one-third of drivers who fail the DUI tests in Florida are also under the influence of illegal drugs. The incidence of drugged driving 

The aim of posting a bail bond is to ensure the presence or attendance of the defendant during the upcoming trials. As part of the regular process, the bail bond will be returned after the legal process is concluded. Nowadays, it is entirely common to seek the help of a Fort Myers bail bond company to get yourself or your loved one out of prison.
The term “under the influence” means that the mental or physical abilities of the driver have been negatively affected due to the consumption of drugs. However, unlike alcohol intoxication that can be measured by finding out the amount of alcohol in the blood, there is no specific measurement defined for the influence of drugs on human beings.
 Normally, only defendants charged with heinous crimes are denied bail. 
Jail release via bail bond is temporary in nature and it being enforced standing guarantee of the bondsman that the defendant will attend future court hearings or proceedings when required by the court. 
The requirement for the posting of a bail bond is not considered as a punishment nor a fine. A bondsman usually comes in when the defendant does not have the amount of money to be paid for the bail bond and that he may need to ask for the support of a bondsman. The bail bondsman receives a non-refundable, percentage of the bond, which is usually a percentile amounting to 10 percent of the bail amount.
If the defendant is arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), his priority would be to get out of the custodial arrest. After the arrest, his priority is to obtain his temporary release by posting a bail bond or through a recognizance release. 
The court judges having the jurisdiction of the pertinent cases do not determine the bail bond based on their discretion but they utilize the bail schedule but other based on the presence of circumstances such as the 
  1. Defendant’s criminal record
  2. History of prior DUIs 
  3. Degree of DUI Offense seriousness 
  4. Result of the defendants DUI incident
  5. Defendant’s employment status
  6. Imprisonment period 
After the filing of a bail bond, the DUI defendant may be granted his recognizance or release. In this instance, the defendant may get hold of his recognizance if he will not be required to post bail. Even if the defendant is released from the custody of the authority, he may still sign the written agreement promising his appearance at the court proceedings and the observance of the prohibition to travel. 
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The co-signor requirement is one of the conditions of the Bail Bondsman in order to protect his interests and to ensure the appearance of the accused before the court during the scheduled hearings.
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