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Tips for Safely Loading And Unloading A Flatbed Tow Truck

Tips for Safely Loading And Unloading A Flatbed Tow Truck
The best towing company in Southwest Florida has different kinds of tow trucks for different circumstances. Not just with the equipment, they also have excellent.

1. Understand Weight Ratings
Flatbed tow trucks have limited weight ratings.

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: Weight limit for the entire vehicle, including the vehicle, all passengers, cargo and accessories.
  • Gross Combination Weight Rating: Maximum weight of the tow vehicle plus the loaded trailer, equipment, fuel, passengers and anything else inside the truck.
  • Gross Axle Weight Rating: Amount of weight that one single axle can hold safely.
  • Tow Truck Towing Capacity: Total amount of weight that the vehicle is able to pull.
  • Tongue Weight: Amount of the trailer’s weight picked up by the trailer’s hitch. This should be 10 percent of the entire trailer weight – with too much tongue weight, steering becomes less responsive.

2. Prepare the Flatbed Trailer

  • Before loading anything on a flatbed, it should first be checked.
  • Check for corrosion or damage. Impairments should be repaired before use.
  • Check tire pressure.
  • Confirm the flatbed trailer is properly attached to the truck.
  • Ensure the deck is leveled.
  • Follow safe lifting procedures in order to lessen the risk injury.
  • Keep lock pins or straps to secure freight while traveling.
  • Research local regulations.
  • Utilize ramps.

3. Practice Safety While Loading the Flatbed Trailer

  • Consider the front-to-rear load distribution especially true for tandem or triple axle flatbeds.
  • Do not overload the axles.
  • Ensure cargo is distributed evenly with 60 percent of the weight in front of the axle.
  • Examine the weight distribution of the load and adjust axles and wheels if required.
  • Keep trailer the center of gravity as low as possible.
  • Position the heaviest items above the axles.
  • Properly secure load.
  • When towing a vehicle, confirm its weight plus the weight of the trailer does not exceed the gross vehicle weight that the hitch and trailer tongue can handle.

3. Practice Safety Unloading the Flatbed Trailer

  • Clear the area. Cars are very heavy and can be fatal.
  • Remove straps or tension over the car.
  • Use the trailer ladder.
  • Utilize available machinery. If the vehicle is totaled, a crane will usually be used.

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