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Top Electrical Safety Tips After a Flood in Florida
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Top Electrical Safety Tips After a Flood in Florida
Learn some electrical safety tips after a flooding event. For Sarasota flood & water damage restoration & cleanup, call (239) 431-9947 ServiceMaster by Wright.

Flooding events often occur in Florida, especially because it is a coastal state and it often is on the Atlantic hurricane path. These disasters often happen without prior warning, causing unexpected and massive damages to property, infrastructure and health. One of the less obvious risks of a flooding emergency is the potential to be injured by downed power lines and affected electrical systems and components.

The dangers of electricity during a flooding event must not be taken lightly, as they can cause serious bodily injuries and even death. ServiceMaster by Wright has compiled some electrical safety tips to protect yourself and your family during flooding disasters in Florida.

Staying Safe During a Flood

Compromised electrical systems cause some of the most severe risks during floods. Keep these tips in mind during an active flooding situation:

  • Avoid downed power lines and immediately contact your power provider.
  • Avoid areas where sparks or popping and buzzing noises are observed.
  • Be on alert for electrical fires, usually indicated by the smell of burning plastic.
  • Standing water can be charged by a lethal amount of electrical current when it submerges electrical outlets or devices, so never step in it.
  • Wait for an electrician to declare it safe before attempting to operate water-damaged electrical equipment or appliances.
  • Follow all the electrical safety precautions from the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI).

Staying Safe After a Flood

Residual moisture can be very detrimental to your electrical system and components. It can cause corrosion and rusting, damaging electrical elements beyond repair.

  • Consult a certified electrician to inspect the damage to your electrical system.
  • Some components may have to be replace, such as:

HVAC equipment
Major appliances, especially those with a motor
Water heaters
Wiring, switches, circuitry and outlets

Electrical systems are complex and can be dangerous, and this risk can increase during floods or other water damage disasters. Follow these electrical safety tips to prevent injuries.

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Floods can happen anytime, which means that you'd most likely be facing an emergency situation when you experience a flooding event. ServiceMaster by Wright has a 24-hour Emergency hotline to attend to your needs immediately.

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