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Drug Offenses in the Tampa Bay Area

Drug Offenses in the Tampa Bay Area
The penalties for drug related crimes can range from dismissal following a diversion program to twenty five years in state prison.

In drug related cases, there is often much that can be done for an accused person.  Often times, a person charged with a felony drug offense will qualify for admission to drug court which is often done in tandem with a pre-trial diversion program.  Even where PTI is not an option, effective plea negotiations can avert a prison sentence and in some instances, an adjudication of guilt (which, in drug cases, will result in a two year driver's license revocation).  Where there is a violation of a person's right against unlawful search and seizure, the a motion to suppress may be used to exlcude incriminating evidence or as leverage to obtain a plea offer that may not otherwise be on the table.  

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