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What are the Penalties for Illegal Marijuana Possession in Florida?

What are the Penalties for Illegal Marijuana Possession in Florida?
Marijuana is legalized in Florida for medical use only and not for recreation. The punishment and penalties apply from minor to maximum charges against the offender.

Medical marijuana has been legalized in Florida, but for recreational pot, marijuana is NOT legalized. People or patients with medical purposes can acquire or use marijuana legally but they must have a medical doctor’s recommendation. They must also receive it from an approved state-licensed dispensary and other stipulations. If you have been implicated in using marijuana improperly, consult a Fort Myers marijuana possession attorney in order to set your matters straight. First call Peter M. Dennis P.A and discuss your particular case.

This is to avoid the following stiff penalties provided by Florida Law for illegally possessing marijuana:

1.       Possessing 20 grams - Possessing 20 grams or fewer is an offense, punishable by possibly one year in jail. You will also be fined not exceeding $1,000. 

2.       Possessing More than 20 grams to 25 pounds – This is still considered as an offense in Florida. Consequences will be a sentence of up to five years and a charge of up to $5,000 by the state.

3.       Trading and selling weed - Trading or selling more than 25 pounds to less than 2,000 pounds is punishable by up to 15 years in prison and you will be charged by the state of a value not exceeding $25,000.

Increased Penalties

And all of these punishments can be more serious in such situations when the crime or violation happened within 1,000 feet of universities or colleges and other listed areas. Seek the advice of a Cape Coral marijuana possession attorney by calling (239) 800-0399 any time especially if you are charged with increased penalties for possession. 

Mandatory Minimum Sentences

There is a mandatory minimum sentence and it is the lower amount of punishments that a judge can execute based on the evidence against the defendant. And the judge cannot officially punish the defendant below this mandatory minimum period. And additionally, being sentenced with a mandatory minimum frequently means that the accused will not be qualified for early parole.  Contact Peter M. Dennis P.A for your defense on these serious charges.

If you are charged with possession of marijuana there is a Fort Myers marijuana possession attorney that can help you as the accused party(s). Possessing marijuana can also cause you to be charged with more serious drug crimes, such as selling, manufacturing or intent to sell drugs. When in need of expert advice, a Cape Coral marijuana possession attorney can represent you in your case and trial. For a free consultation, call Peter M. Dennis P.A. at (239) 800-0399 anytime, anywhere.  Hablamos Español!

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