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Your Guide to Better Health this 2019
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Aiming for better health this year? Get started now.

Good health is synonymous to living life to the fullest. The healthier and fitter we are, the more of life’s pleasures we can indulge in. Whether its eating healthy food or taking life extension vitamins Fort Myers, becoming healthy is a life-long effort. It takes time, planning, execution of the plan, and the commitment to stick to it. Some have, consequently, thought of this process as improbable, even impossible. Seemingly lofty, it is definitely attainable. Here are health basics we all too often forget. 

Good nutrition

We are what we eat.

Pre-occupation and convenience have often sidelined our body’s need for a balanced diet. Make smart choices on food intake. Seek professional advice from public or private nutritionists and family doctors, who in most cases are just around the corner.

In the absence of a balanced diet, take supplements, such as life extension vitamins Fort Myers.

Good disposition

Mental health matters most after physical health; leave negative thoughts behind.

Engage in intellectual activities, such as reading, purpose-driven writing, and solving puzzles. Time out from work, especially if done outdoors, ought to be mentally and physically invigorating.

Should you have mental health concerns that are rather serious, seek the professional help of a guidance counselor and others.


Different types of exercise develop body enhancements, induce the production of beneficial hormones, promote some regular body functions, such as blood circulation, and promote overall health.

Avoid biohazards

This should include alcohol, cigars and cigarettes, other substances, and even excessive exposure to sunlight, food with allergens and city smog.

Regular doctor’s checkup

A general checkup with a physician should be done at least once every quarter in the absence of illness. This ought to determine one’s overall health condition and may help in the early detection or prevention of disease.

Some entities offer a certain market segment a more thorough check-up, women's health conditions Fort Myers for example. We care about you and your health! Myerlee Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy in Fort Myers, offers sterile and non-sterile compounded medications for all your health needs and issues. Contact our Fort Myers office at 239-482-3022 or visit our website at

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