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Things to Consider in Choosing Best Moving Company in Fort Myers, Florida
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Moving your home or business office and hiring the right moving company requires trust and good work. Here are things to consider in choosing your moving company:

Moving your home or business office and hiring the right moving company requires trust and good work. Employing professional and experienced movers would save you quality time, stress, unexpected expenses and useless efforts on the day of moving out. Here are things to consider in choosing your moving company:


Licensed and Insured Movers

First and foremost, check the company license. Always check for credentials like USDOT number. Under the Law, it is required for interstate moving companies to be licensed by the Government so that they can legally operate. The Government set standards to interstate movers where it issues a USDOT number,  you can access it at its website or website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).


A licensed company is an insured company. Extra protection insurance is a big peace of mind reliever. Also, the movers would be extra careful since they are accountable for any damages or missing items. Always clarify with the moving company for correct coverage, especially if you have items like antiques, old paintings, and other items that could easily break.      


Good Standing Reputation

A good company has a reputation that precedes itself. Even as recommended by friends or relatives, but still make research more about your ideal company of choice in the the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.     


Reliable and Trustworthy Movers

Look for an honest and dependable moving company, it can be recommended by friends, neighbors or relatives. Try to dig more for questions about the reason they may recommend the company. Take also for granted big companies services especially for negative feedbacks. Learning from other people’s mistakes is a wise decision than experiencing it in a hard and bad way.


Professional and Honest Movers

Moving companies with affiliated membership from various professional organizations and associations are the ideal companies to be selected. Members of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) and BBB-accreditation have a reputation to be reliable, honest and professional companies. You can check your desired company by accessing either  and websites for easy referring to.


Honest movers have transparent moving rates with no concealed fees and charges. Beforehand always demand request in-home surveys, in that way it will help you in identifying potential and unpredictable issues especially with price quotations’ additional fees and charges. Try to avoid companies that issue email estimates or even over-the-phone.          


Experienced Movers

Experience is a big requirement in your search when it comes to moving houses. Trusting the professional moving company is not enough to prove your choice, an extra factor is years of experience in the industry. Resourceful and highly experienced movers lessen the risk factors and unexpected problems to happen.    


Low-cost Movers

Finding a low-cost moving company is a tricky situation, like balancing equally both the quality versus cost. Moving a house is an undoubtedly costly activity. Fortunately, there are companies that offer top-grade services and affordable prices. Research the web and chart out their prices, in that way you can filter and select your ideal top companies to select with.


Offer Special Services with Good Customer Service

Lastly, do not forget companies that give specialized moving services to answer your detailed specific requirements like handling antiques, and sensitive personalized items. Top companies offer special services like unpacking, packing, unloading, loading, transport, and other logistics as part of the package deal to avoid hassles and worries that may arise.


Good customer service support makes the moving activity lighter and making it more stress-free. Even after the moving process, there could be uneventful issues like payment disagreements, delivery delays, items that are missing or damaged, the need to rely on customer service support is a must.


If you still have a problem finding your choice of moving company, consider calling J.W.Cole & Sons of Florida, Inc. at 239-694-3400 for a free estimate today!

J.W.Cole & Sons of Florida is a family owned and operated in Fort Myers, Florida with generations of relocation experience. We offer moving services like residential and commercial moving and international moving. We also have interior services like storage, delivery, and installation for interior designers and receiving storage services, where The Fort Myers storage company have storage units in Fort Myers. For other details check our website

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