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It's Best to File for a Legal Separation in Cape Coral, Florida

In Florida, instead of divorce, you can file for a legal separation once you experience cruelty, voluntary separation or desertion. Consult an attorney expert in legal separation in Cape Cora, FL.

If you and your spouse really want to legally separate, there are ways to address this. Since there are no legal separation proceedings, you can file an action to demand child support or alimony thru a competent family law attorney, Marquez-Kelly Family Law Attorney The closest thing to legal separation in Florida is limited divorce. You must know that there is no formal right to a legal separation in Florida.

Legal separation is absent in the law books of the Sunshine State. There are only six states that do not recognize legal separation: Delaware, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Florida. It really pays to know about the law, because ignorance of the law will not excuse you from facing the consequences. Knowing that Florida does not have legal separation will allow you to consider other options. Marquez-Kelly Family Law Attorney will go over all your options with you.

Limited divorce can be requested on the grounds of cruelty, voluntary separation, and desertion. With the help of a legal separation lawyer, Marquez-Kelly Family Law Attorney, you can file this in a court in Florida. The court can then establish the main residence of the children or the area where the children spend most of their time in. The same court can also make decisions regarding the visitation rights of parents who do not have custody of the children. 

Child support obligations will be studied and the decision will depend on the submitted list of both parents’ income and resources. This will also determine the amount that the other parent will give to the spouse granted with the children’s custody.

If you are adamant about getting a divorce but cannot get legal as in Florida, you can always get a legal separation Fort Myers FL lawyer to file limited divorce. If you are considering this but is having difficulty finding the right attorney, try calling Marquez-Kelly Family Law Attorney at 239-214-0403 or browse at Call right now and get a free half-hour consultation for residents of Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida. 

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