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When you file for divorce, are you 'legally separated' in Fort Myers, Florida?

Divorce is not a simple summary proceeding especially if the case is a contested one. Be wise, assertive and courageous to confront your challenge because we will be standing by beside you

Marriage is a serious undertaking and everyone who gets involved should basically unjust to a new lifestyle and role in life. It is simply the voluntary declaration of the union of a man and woman, who are both in legal ages, to spend their lives together in the presence of a solemnizing officer. 


Married life is somewhat a little complicated but manageable. Surprisingly, marriage has its benefits such as:


·         A spouse will automatically become rich when his/her spouse is rich;

·         A spouse may avail the benefit of the other spouse’s health insurance;

·         A spouse may definitely avail of a better tax benefit;

·         Married couples may prevent depression.


Meaning, there are lots of reasons why people should consider getting married, right? 


However, people also have this complicated mindset where some couples got separated for an assortment of reasons, which may involve miscommunication, money, property, family, third party and many others. 


Basically, the main ground for the dissolution of marriage may include restricted personal freedom, boredom, clash with the in-laws, stress about the wedding expense and even due to bad attitude towards the other. But the most notable grounds are as follows:


1.    Marrying for money 


A couple who got married without the binding magic of love will surely get a divorce in no time because they make money as the center of their relationship. In the absence of money, their marriage will definitely shatter.


2.    Dependence


If a spouse is completely dependent on the other, he/she will lose the opportunity to express his/her sentiments that will, later on, ripen to a sick marriage as the other spouse will also feel that he/she alone works hard for the marriage. 


Because of the above grounds, the court formulated the mechanism to dissolve such union and this is called “divorce”. It is a legal dissolution of a marriage through a declaration by a court or other competent body.


The divorce law in Florida is unique and pleasant while most of the divorce laws whichever the country maybe requires that a spouse should have committed a wrongdoing or infidelity first as a ground for divorce but Florida divorce law does not require the commission of a divorce ground by either of the spouses.


Further, the law does not require that the couples may first be legally separated before they could initiate to dissolve their marriage. 


Florida law provides for the explicit divorce grounds, to wit:


·         The marriage should be irretrievably broken

-this refers to the intense ill-tempered feeling of a spouse to the other that their marriage is deemed unmanageable that even counseling will not any work to correct it.


·         Mental incompetence

-this has something to do to the non-compliance of a spouse to delivery his/her paternal/maternal obligation to the other.


The process of the dissolution of marriage is tedious that only an experienced lawyer may have the right knowledge and confidence to undertake such a challenging event to ensure a victory.


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The divorce experienced Attorneys may help you unravel the divorce litigation into a worry-free trial. The Mellany Marquez-Kelly Law can deliver your needs and more. 


Family law issues are complicated, painful and difficult to resolve but with the integration of a compassionate and proficient Family Law Attorney such as Mellany Marquez-Kelly, you will be able to experience a higher level of confidence to obtain success as your legal interests are highly protected. She is successful and an aggressive legal counsel to ensure your success may it be a contested or uncontested divorce proceeding. 


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 Our service areas are open to serve you at Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida.

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