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Who to Trust to Keep your Priced Possessions Safe in Southwest Florida
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Planning of moving before the year ends? Trust concerns are major issues at hand especially in handling your life’s investments or prized possessions to somebody whom you do not know.

Planning of moving before the year ends? Trust concerns are major issues at hand especially in handling your life’s investments or prized possessions to somebody whom you do not know.

Below are the considerable steps to do in finding who to trust with your possessions:

Step No. 1: Do Early Research.

Make time in browsing thoroughly the web. Search websites like Google can help what you need. In searching, take note of local moving companies rather than outside of your county for convenience and reliability purposes.  

Step No. 2: Ask from Relatives and Friends Referrals.

By word-of-mouth, it would be much easier to counsel from your trusted relatives and friends whom they already had good experiences with a moving company. Don’t neglect also the negative feedbacks they experienced before, not all moving companies are perfect.  

Step No. 3: Make Additional Research with the Pre-selected Moving Company

After selecting your candidate moving company, do more deeper research with regard to the following: credentials; license and insured; professionalism, expertise and years of experience; and social media feedback reviews.


First and foremost, verify the credentials through your state’s rules and regulations for companies in the moving business. For inter-state moving cases, the United States Department of Transportation has assigned a number for any moving company where you can check.   

Licensed and insured.

Naturally, check the license and best of all if it got insurance, reassuring and giving you peace of mind for lost, misplaced or broken item that might happen.   

Professionalism, expertise and years of experience.

All of the above can be scrutinized by digging deeper on the company’s website, you can simply tell what kind of moving company based on a good high standard and quality-wise website.


Social Media Feedback Reviews.

Nowadays, there are several social media available on the web. The most common ones like Google and Facebook reviews, and sites like Angie’s List and Yelp can give information about local businesses. When it comes to ratings, Better Business Bureau (BBB) is the ideal choice and the National Association of Movers, for reviews with regard to quality service and professionalism.           

Other important considerations:

  • Verify and Visit the Physical Address.

Nothing is more reassuring than a quick personal visit in the mover’s service office. Considering the widespread internet scams and frauds, it is better to be safe than sorry.   

  • Select a local moving company.

A good moving company has a reputation to keep especially under their territory, in likewise manner the service they provide should be superb for fear of losing its name under their area.


  • Request for Estimated Pricing.

A good-standing moving company always gives estimates and not over the phone or on online.

Step No. 4: Compare Your Findings.

Make a small table of comparisons on a piece of paper by comparing the shortlisted moving companies versus its credentials; license and insured; professionalism, expertise and years of experience; social media feedback reviews and estimated pricing.

Step No. 5: Decide and Trust Your Gut.

Finalize your decision using your better judgment and most of all trust your instinct by listening to your gut.

Now that you know the steps in finding a trustful moving company by doing comprehensive research in advance, most likely you will save more money and your priceless time.      

Ideally, you can consider the moving services of J.W.Cole & Sons of Florida, Inc., a family owned and operated in Fort Myers, Florida with generations of relocation experience. Offers residential/commercial moving, and international moving services for Florida and surrounding interstates.

We also have interior services like storage, delivery and installation for interior designers and receiving storage services where the Fort Myers storage company have storage units in Fort Myers.

Call J.W.Cole & Sons of Florida, Inc. now at 239-694-3400 and have a free estimate, or you can email us at For other details and inquiries, you can also check our website at

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