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How Often Should You Clean Your Upholstery and Carpets?

We always make sure that we don’t miss a spot so we perform a thorough assessment of your residential property first to provide you with our professional recommendation of services

The living room is one of the most important rooms in our house, if not the most important. It can be considered to be the center room of the house since for most people, the living room is usually the basis with how everything will go design-wise when decorating and or renovating a home, not to mention it is usually located literally at the center of the house. Our living room is the heart of our home where versatility with the design, layout, and furniture is important for it takes up different kinds of roles throughout the day. From being the formal place where we meet our guests and visitors, to acting as the place of comfort where we can just lie down and relax after a long day at work, our living room has to have just that right kind of blend of different furniture, design and atmosphere to make the room stylish and comfortable.


So making sure that our upholstered furniture and carpets in our living room are cleaned and have proper care regularly is important. Upholstery like couches and chairs make up most of the furniture in our living room and it is of utmost importance that we schedule regular cleaning of these for they absorb dust, oil, allergen and a lot of other things on a daily basis. These upholstered furniture have to be cleaned regularly for it also helps extend the life of the furniture. Homeowners just have to find the right upholstery and carpet cleaning company for this job since untrained individuals performing this task might cause more damage than good.


Luckily you have available DG Cleaning and Carpet LLC, experts in this regard. We are very experienced with upholstery cleaning so we know just the right kind of process and equipment to use to give your upholstery and carpets the cleaning and care it deserves. 


Servicing Collier County FL including Naples, Golden Gate, East Naples, Marco Island, Naples Park, Naples Manor, Pine Ridge, and North Naples for over 30 years now, DG Cleaning and Carpert LLC is quite well-versed with the different processes and cleaning methods and equipment to use for different types of fabric and carpet varieties to give it the best care possible.


We always make sure that we don’t miss a spot so we perform a thorough assessment of your residential property first to provide you with our professional recommendation of services up for your approval before going through with the cleaning. After making sure that we have everything covered by noting the furniture and carpet type, high-traffic/soiled areas, and taking clients’ specific concerns into consideration, we will be ready to roll. 


Our team of experts here in DG Cleaning and Carpert LLC knows how important even just a single furniture is to one’s home so we made sure that our team of professionals is well-trained and knowledgeable, only using equipment of the highest caliber and only has client’s satisfaction in mind. 


Our living room will always be that one special room which we love just a tiny bit more so don’t hesitate to give your upholstery and carpets the best care possible by giving us a call at 239-438-4703 or visiting our website at for more details. With upholstery cleaning services, DG Cleaning and Carpet LLCis the best in the business.

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