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5 Reasons Why to Invest in Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door in West Palm, FL

5 Reasons Why to Invest in Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door in West Palm, FL
Why invest on a door that simply is made for a gateway of people, if you can invest on a door that can save lives. Check out Fireking’s 634 Series - Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door.

Are you planning to have door upgrades for replacement of your phased-out commercial doors? Is the company having expansions and still undecided for what type of roll-up door to use? Or having decision problems on what fire rated commercial doors to use since it is a mandate by your city for your building’s new fire protection system.  


Making decisions for the next door is a big challenge for facility managers with a lot of door companies all over the market. Each has its own designs, functionalities and technical specifications that would answer some of your basic technical needs and previous decision shortcomings that cost company hard-earned lessons. 


Let Overhead Door Company of South Florida, a Division of Duraserv, help you make that decision happen with no regrets. We have been in the door market since 2001 and is the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors, offer its Overhead Door - Fireking 634 Series - Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door in West Palm, FL.


Traditionally, most facility managers simply choose the time tested and highly reliable ordinary roll-up doors as your next commercial roll-up door. However, why choose the typical over the multi-functional roll-up doors that can answer more solutions to your business needs.


In choosing your door it would depend on certain factors which includes some like what is the size of the opening, where is the door going to be installed, what is the wall construction, what material should my door be made out of, or how do you plan to operate the door? Such design and technical specifications would mostly depend on the decision of your engineers and specialists adhering to the original business plan as implemented.


Fireking 634 Series - Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door, or 634 Series rolling steel fire door is designed for masonry and non-masonry mounted applications, which is used in residential foundations and in interior and exterior walls in commercial construction. Ideally for warehouses, facilities with paint booths, public record storage, material storage locations, shared walls between businesses, file rooms, and public buildings such as libraries.


Reason No.1: 

The 634 Series rolling steel fire door is compliant with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-80), Underwriters Laboratories (UL &ULC), New York City (MEA) and State of California (CSFM), standards set for fire doors and other opening protective covering of its installation, care, and maintenance. Annually, it is required by NFPA 80 that all fire door assemblies be inspected and tested including deficiencies to be corrected, follow-up re acceptance testing and maintaining its records.


Reason No.2: 

Fireking 634 Series - Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door is designed with a UL 4 hour label or UL oversized door label on masonry, concrete and steel walls and a 3 hour rating on non-masonry walls suitably for a variety of applications.    

The National Fire Protection Association’s Standard for Fire Doors and Fire Windows has a set of approved appropriate fire-resistance rating or fire protection rating ,for every commercial door hardware to name a few like three hour and 90-minute doors and 60 Minute, 45 Minute and 20-minute doors. It is a fire protection system in order to lessen the spread of fire and smoke between separate rooms or areas of a structure and allowing a safe exit from a facility or building.


Reason No.3: 

The 634 Series rolling steel fire door is featured with a fusible links mounted on both sides of the wall that separate to automatically close the door. UL recommends a 165 o F (74o C) fuse link for ambient conditions for 100 o F (38 o C) or less, or a 212 o F (100 o C) fuse link for ambient conditions over 100o F (38o C).


In case of fire detected, the fusible links mounted on the walls will automatically close the door, assuring immediate safety and protection of your business establishment. Suitably best for warehouses, factories, and industrial storage where has less security and protection maintenance, or facilities that have high priorities on their sensitive and dangerous goods and items.


Reason No.4: 

The 634 Series rolling steel fire door is designed to be flexible that has a mechanical auto resettable hoist (non-motorized) enabling easy drop test and reset of the fire door in just seconds. These doors are user-friendly that they can be manually managed and controlled easily and conveniently, thus safety and protection is anytime available whenever.


Reason No.5: 

Fireking 634 Series - Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door is built with several safety and protection features like Fire Sentinel® time-delay release device, FireLite® vision lites, smoke detectors, horns, and strobes. Flexibility with resilience in different aspects are basic requirements in our products. As always, we are upgraded with the latest fire safety and protection applications and accessories.    


If you are ready to install fire rated doors in your warehouse or facility, call Overhead Door Company of South Florida at (954) 266-7960, our fire rated door specialists and technicians would gladly help you for any queries about rolling steel fire rated service door, or any commercial rolling steel doors at our rolling steel fire rated service door West Palm FL, and commercial rolling steel doors West Palm FL service areas.


You may check us out at our website at, or visit us personally at our Service Areas: South Florida - Miami, Miramar, West Palm, Broward, Dade, Monroe County, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, and Doral.

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