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How To Turn While Towing

How To Turn While Towing
Making an improper turn while towing is the cause of fatal vehicle crashes. Learn from Cape Coral Towing and Recovery, Inc., Florida’s trusted towing service experts.

Do you know that making an improper turn is one of the leading causes of traffic crashes across America? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports2018 was the third-deadliest of the decade on American roads:

  • 36,560 people died in motor vehicle crashes
  • vehicle occupants accounted for 66 percent of traffic deaths
  • driving behaviors like making an improper turn is one of the causes of fatal crashes

Steps in Making a Turn 1.Left Turns (Multi-lane left turn /Vehicle-left side of the lane)

  • move your vehicle extendedly over to the right lane
  • make a left maneuver turn


  • Always make sure that there is no vehicle on the right lane
  • It’s best to turn left from the right turn lane (if multiple left-turn lanes available)
  • Be sure to make turn signals when making turns
  • Routinely keep an eye on what’s going on in the mirrors

2.Right Turns (Multi-lane /Vehicle- right side of the lane)

  • move your vehicle extendedly over closes to you
  • move to the left, if it is safe to do so


  • Never move your vehicle extendedly to the left lane as making your turn
  • See to it to use your signals to indicate your intentions to other drivers
  • Block the right lane with your trailer to prevent someone from trying to get around you on the right
  • Observe other drivers if they’re paying attention to what’s going on

Towing Tips And Tricks 1.Plot Out The Turn Before making a turn, plan and visualize ahead the maneuver. 2.Wider Turns Habitually cut a sharper corner than your vehicle to maximize chances of making it around the corner safely. 3.Mirrors Constantly use your mirrors to be aware always what’s going on around you at all times. 4.Practice As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Practice turning trailers from small-sized to large-sized trailers. 5.Know Thy Size The size of the trailer matters most. It is a must requirement to know everything about your trailer especially its dimensions. 6.Consult the Experts If still having trouble with driving while towing a large trailer, call in the professionals about having your things towed. It is better to be safe than sorry. Extra Tips:

  • Before making turns, wait a few seconds till the traffic is clear
  • When making wider turns, check objects like mailboxes, street signs, other vehicles, and people
  • Properly adjust mirrors to safely approximate trailer dimensions and wheels
  • Never forget to watch the mirrors
  • Block the lane
  • Use your signals
  • Always be patient

Fast And Reliable Towing Services in Cape Coral, Florida Cape Coral Towing and Recovery, Inc. It is important to know proper turning while towing to avoid vehicle crashes. Learn from Cape Coral Towing and Recovery, Inc., Florida’s quick and trusted towing service experts. Since 1993, Cape Coral Towing and Recovery, Inc. have been providing high-quality and affordable towing services in Cape CoralFort MyersLehigh AcresEsteroBonita Springs, and anywhere in Southwest Florida. Cape Coral Towing and Recovery, Inc. | Cape Coral, Florida

To learn more about towing while turning, contact Cape Coral Towing and Recovery, Inc. at 239-458-3333/239-656-4030 or request service online.

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