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Easy Guide! How To Jump Start A Car in Cape Coral, Fl.

Easy Guide! How To Jump Start A Car in Cape Coral, Fl.
Basically, every driver should know how to jump start a car. Learn from Cape Coral Towing and Recovery, Inc., Florida’s trusted leader in towing services.
A car is one of our most essential needs, whether for commuting, running errands, or for a simple joy ride. However, most of us don’t know the fundamentals of vehicle repair or maintenance. Here, Cape Coral Towing and Recovery share some basic tips on how to jump start a car easily.  
What Should you Know and Identify Before Jump Starting a Vehicle
1.Determine if the battery is the reason the car is not starting up by turning the ignition on:
·         If the car does nothing – the battery is not working. 
·         If the car engine is cranking, most likely something else is wrong.
2.Car Jump Starting Needs
  • Jumper Cables with Clips (Alligator)
-Red Clips (positive/POS) Colors
-Black Clips (negative/NEG) Colors
  • Power Source - another vehicle   
  • Car Battery Terminals- the two large nubs
-Positive (POS/+) terminal
-Negative (NEG/-) terminal
Easiest Way to Jump start a Car (Without Cables)
For standard transmission cars, you can jump start without using cables:
  1. Look for a long and clear downhill road.
  2. Depress fully the clutch and put the car in first gear.
  3. Turn on the ignition.
  4. Do not put your foot on the brake.
  5. Leave the clutch fully depressed then roll down the hill.
  6. Ride along the hill at 5 to 7 miles per hour.
  7. Release the clutch quickly. By then, feel the engine starting.
  8. If the engine doesn’t start, depress the clutch and release it again.
  9. Do it again until the engine starts.
If you can’t find a hill, lend some assistance from other people to push and follow the steps above.
Hard Way to Jumpstart a Car (With Cables/ Two Cars)
Jump-starting a car may vary from car to car, which comes with complete details on its owner's manual, however, below are the general instructions:
1.Before attempting to jump start the car, do the following:
  • Protect your hands, eyes, and clothes with protective clothing, gloves, or eye protector 
  • Park both cars together but make sure they don’t touch  
  • Turn off the ignitions of both cars/Take out the ignition keys
  • Put on their parking brakes
  • Make sure both batteries are of similar voltages, to avoid damaging electrical components.
2.Get the jumper cables and connect them in the following order.
  • Start first with the disabled car. Take the Positive (Red) clamp and attach it to the disabled car’s positive terminal post (+ or red). Make sure the clamps are firmly gripped. Take note, the disabled car is with a dead battery, and the helper car is a good battery.
  •  Next, the helper car. Take the Positive (Red) clamp at the opposite end of the cable (red cable) and attach it to the helper car’s positive terminal post (+ or red) battery.
  • Take the Negative (Black) clamp and attach it to the helper car’s negative terminal post (- or black) battery.
  • Take the last Negative (Black) clamp and attach it to a clean/non-painted metal surface on the main engine block of the car (like a bolt/metal nut) or find a grounding spot away from the battery (check the user’s manual).
 Caution: To ground the electric current, make sure not to clamp to the battery, fuel systems, or any electrical moving parts (create sparks/explosion/shocks). However, always check the user’s manual if it requires a different process.
3. Once all connections are secured, start the helper’s car for 2 to 3 minutes.
4. Try to start the disabled car. If it won’t start, wait several more minutes and try again.
5. If the disabled car starts, lucky for you. Carefully remove the cables in reverse order
  • Detach the Negative (Black) clamp from the grounded surface of the disabled car.
  • Detach the Negative (Black) clamp from the helper car.
  • Detach the Positive (Red) clamp of the helper car.
  • Detach the Positive (Red) clamp of the disabled car.
6.Keep it running or drive your car for 30 minutes to recharge, before stopping again (you might jump start again)
Caution: Check the battery lights( instrument panel) if it is on. If so, the alternator is not charging the battery and the vehicle will not run long enough. Better call the professionals ahead to avoid the hassles and inconvenience.     
7.However, if the disabled car does not start after so many attempts, stop. Detach the clamps in reverse order (same as above). Give thanks to the owner of the helper car and call in the professionals for help.
Safety Tips
1.Always read the User’s Manual before jump starting. Some cars have sensitive circuitry and are not recommended to jump start.  
2.Never jump damaged batteries:
  • Leaking
  • Cracked
  • Corroded
3.Do not jump frozen or dry batteries.
4.Do not let the positive (red) clamp cables and the negative (black) clamp cables touch each other.
5.When removing the negative(black) clamp from the grounded surface do not let it touch anything.
Car Emergency Equipment
  • Bottled water
  • Cable Ties
  • Emergency blanket
  • Flares
  • Flashlight
  • Freezer Bag of Cat Litter (Oil/Fluid Spills)       
  • Gloves /Mechanical Gloves
  • Jumper Cables/ Jump Box
  • Meal Supplement Bars
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Paper Coveralls
  • Rain Poncho
  • Reflector Roadside Hazard Triangle
  • Screwdriver Set
  • Spare Tire
  • Solar Charger (Cellular Phone)
  • Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Tire Jack
  • Wet Wipes (Cleaning up)
Trusted Leader in Towing Services in Cape Coral, Florida | Cape Coral Towing and Recovery, Inc.
Whether you are a newbie, or a seasoned vehicle driver, knowing how to jump start a car is important and essential. Learn the fundamentals from Cape Coral Towing and Recovery, Inc., Florida’s Fast and Reliable Towing Services.
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Contact us today at 239-458-3333/239-656-4030 or send a request service online, to learn more about how to jump start a car.
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