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Atlas military movers serve the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.

Atlas military movers serve the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.


Each year, J.W. Cole & Sons and Atlas help more than 9,000 military families across the U.S. and overseas with their military moves.



 The Right People And The Right Equipment


Atlas brings approximately 2,900 professional van operators and 4,300 trucks to serve U.S. military installations. Our military moving company is dedicated to ensuring your domestic move is seamless, whether it’s a local relocation with your family or a solo move across the country. 

What is a PPM? Typically, Armed Forces members move their own household items in a personal or rented vehicle; this is called a Personally Procured Move (PPM), formerly known as a Do-It-Yourself (DITY) move. The Armed Forces provide an incentive payment equal to 95% of the estimated cost to the government for PPM. When the move is completed, the Armed Forces member provides receipts and paperwork to substantiate authorized expenses. The net financial profit is taxable and is reported on a separate W-2 Form.



For Your Personally Procured Move


If you choose the DITY move commonly known as a PPM, the government will not pack/move your goods or arrange your moving expenses. Through its PPM policy, the U.S. Military reimburses personnel who arrange their own moves. Most of the military personnel find that a PPM offers more control over the packing and transport processes. Our Atlas military movers are well versed in DITY/PPM guidelines. We can explain what is required for:


  • Protection. We’ll advise you of the valuation choices for coverage against loss or damage.
  • Storage. Atlas offers flexible options for secure storage as long as you may need it.
  • Reimbursement. We can assist with completing and filing the forms for reimbursement.

Moving Safety And Security Are Top Priorities


Satellite Tracking. Secure online access to shipment location 24/7.

Labor Certification. Background checks verify the quality of Atlas service personnel.

Proactive Safety. “Zero tolerance” for substance abuse, enforced with random drug and alcohol screenings.





What is the weight limit?

  • Atlas offers a variety of programs to fit your budgeting and weight needs when moving. Under PPM policies, military members moving with PPM will receive a payment of 95% of what it would cost the government to arrange the move. This moving allowance, or entitlement, is based on rank, a number of dependents, and other factors. We are ready to help you meet your needs based on your entitlements.

What items cannot be packed? Are firearms allowed?

  • You must notify Atlas before your move if your shipment contains firearms. All firearms must be unloaded, have legible serial numbers, and be packed in the presence of the Atlas Van Operator. 



When will Atlas provide an estimated delivery date?

  • As a customer of Atlas, you have access to Atlas® Customer Portal, a free online application that allows you to track your order and moving date, build your customer profile, make a credit card payment, or access moving documents–all in one place.



How long will this move take?

  • The time it takes to move depends on several factors, such as the size of your move, where you are moving to, and time of year. Talk to your Atlas Agent about your timing requirements.



Get an Instant Online Estimate for PPM Moves, or Contact J.W Cole & Sons of Florida Inc

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